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I'm only slightly younger than the Clintons. I grew up in the South watching the same slick, huckster, race-baiting politicians that Bill did. I really see no difference between him and George Wallace - both put a finger in the air and positioned themselves where the wind blew them. Remember that Wallace supposedly changed later in life. It wasn't a change in his racial attitude at all, but rather a recognition of a change in the electorate. It's anything to stay in power.

Add to that Hillary's study of Saul Alinsky - his ideas of whatever it takes to obtain power - and you have the couple you are describing.

Comment Posted By Juan Paxety On 21.01.2008 @ 08:12


The race is shaping up like the NCAA football polls this season - whoever is first or second gets whacked (and that's figuratively for you Secret Service agents).

Comment Posted By Juan Paxety On 15.01.2008 @ 13:28


Several of us wrote Fox suggesting they shoot a reality show of "24-hours of Jack Bauer In Jail."

Comment Posted By Juan Paxety On 14.01.2008 @ 12:17


Always remember that most folks in the media have received degrees from mid-level colleges - degrees that have no requirements for math, science, philosophy or any other discipline that requires thinking. Reporters, particularly TV reporters, spend long hours on one story and, as a result, never see the big picture.

While reporters, producers and anchors believe to a man that they are smarter than their viewers, they seldom are. I've watched it from 23-years in one form of media or another. Conventional Wisdom is just another way of saying they adopt a position to be popular in their circle.

Fred has clearly intended to run a campaign that ramps up later than the other candidates - that gave the others a chance to burn themselves out. He's the only one in either party I'd consider.

Comment Posted By Juan Paxety On 13.01.2008 @ 08:01


Netroots is defined here

However, you have to read between the lines and understand that the examples cited are all on the left of the Democratic Party. For instance, the term was first applied to Howard Dean supporters.

Comment Posted By Juan Paxety On 9.01.2008 @ 14:44

The netroots crowd claims the Diebold machines stole the election for Hillary. They point out that she had a significantly higher percentage in the towns counted by Diebold than in the towns counted by hand.

No one seems to ask whether the difference is caused by the machines - or by the fact that the machines are located in the towns with larger populations.

Anyway, the netroots have something to jabber about.

Comment Posted By Juan Paxety On 9.01.2008 @ 10:40


Polls in Florida show Hillary with a huge lead and the primary in three weeks. But the Democratic candidates have promised not to campaign here, and the DNC says it will not seat Florida's delegates at the convention. Will Hillary be able to resist the lure of such a huge number of delegates? Will she force the DNC to backtrack? For that matter, will Obama on a roll after Iowa, New Hampshire and (presumably) South Carolina be able to resist campaigning here - maybe even through Oprah? And what of Michigan - its voters will be denied delegates, too.

Comment Posted By Juan Paxety On 8.01.2008 @ 07:25


How much good will Florida do Rudy? Remember that the RNC has taken away half of Florida's delegates.

As absurd as that is, it's still not as bad as the Democrats. All of the Democratic candidates have promised to not even campaign in Florida - and the DNC will refuse to seat any delegats from Florida. They've disenfranchied the Florida voters far more seriously than any Bush ever did.

Comment Posted By Juan Paxety On 6.01.2008 @ 13:38


When I grew up in Georgia, there were no major league sporting teams in 1/4 of the country. We had only minor leagues, which in my town meant a single-A baseball team. They were miserable, but one year, we got a stunning announcement. The Cincinnati Reds had agreed to make us a farm team.

That team included the first of the players that went on to become the Big Red Machine. The player who symbolized the success of the team was a second baseman named Pete Rose. He went to the majors from that team, as we were always proud that we had seen his last minor league stop. I still have a baseball autographed by more than a dozen of these guys, who had become my idols.

Then came the gambling charges and Rose's years of denial. Even as an adult, I was crushed. As a result, I don't think I looked up to these guys the same way. But today's news is worse. There are so many of them.

Comment Posted By Juan Paxety On 13.12.2007 @ 18:23


I grew up in the south and watched Southern politicians for years. The idea folks in other parts of the country have, that Southern politicians are conservatives, is absurd. For the most part, they are Bill Clinton and George Wallace - stick the finger in the air, take note of the way the wind is blowing, then pontificate as though they might actually support that position. They never actually say anything - they simply sound like they might be. They are not conservatives - they are populists, just as Jimmy Carter was. Full disclosure - as a native Georgian, I had eight chances to vote against Carter and took advantage of every one of them.

Comment Posted By Juan Paxety On 13.12.2007 @ 18:28

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