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Forest I'm with you man-I grew up in New Orleans but when it was time to buy a house I moved out the flood plain.
(Granted it takes money to do that)

I only cried once during the hurricane. That was Friday=three days before it hit. Because I knew what was going to happen, and New Orleans would be hurt bad. I drove in Saturday to get my grandmother out and here we are.

Anyone with a modicum with a sense knew what was going to happen, but the planning was never done.
Basically, the politicians were too greedy and shortsighted and the people were to stupid to keep New Orleans alive.

The bummer now is I have the same feeling about the United States as a whole.

Comment Posted By martin morgan On 11.02.2006 @ 00:56

"What ended up “surprising” the Administration – and every one else – was that by early Tuesday evening, the water pouring in from Lake Pontchtrain overwhelmed the pumps causing them to shut down. This is what caused the massive flooding."

This is nonsense. I see the report you linked to you linked to and that too is nonsense.

Trust me brother. My grandmother's ruined house is one block from the 17th street canal. Her house was well flooded by Monday afternoon.

I won't write long. But the 17th street canal levee was breached on Monday morning about 10:00 a.m, the London Avenue Canal levee and the Industrial Canal levee shortly thereafter.

Your whole scenario is out of whack. The lake level was higher than most of the city at that point (hence the flooding) So with giant levve gaps-how the hell was pumping the water back into the lake going to do a bit of good?

I'm not a Bush basher btw. I actually detest my state officials far worse. But this statement of your makes no sense.

Comment Posted By Martin Morgan On 10.02.2006 @ 14:45

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