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@John - Totally agree with you here! Just like all other NYT op-ed writers, Bob Herbert has a number of different topics that he likes to tell his readers about, but I never heard him mention this before. My first reaction is: "How strange for a New York based commentator to be writing about Chicago airports." Then I realized that he has much less to write about now that Bush Jr. is no longer president, so he has to fill up his column with something else. Must be harder work than he thought...

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 14.03.2009 @ 15:41


Frankly, I'm not sure how Obama is promising to radically change the relationship between government and its citizens besides taking on national health care. (Most things he is proposing are in fact left leaning but thankfully don't seem to be off the socialist deep end.) What I do know is that it would be a lot easier to engage in “rugged individualism” if I wasn't dependent on my job-issued health coverage.

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 12.03.2009 @ 20:33


Rick, I know you didn't say that you saw a tipping point, I was phasing myself towards those who think that a few less than positive days of the Obama administration constitute a "tipping point". (Of course I prefaced that thought with your header, so I plead guilty to appearing unthoughtful!)

You are certainly correct in stating that "chipping away" is the only way to combat the narrative that the MSN has created for our president; I would also like to see that happen, (albeit for different reasons than you and other Conservatives would like.) While Conservatives and Republicans are starting to converge in their criticism of Obama and the economy, if the nation's finances even partially recover in the next 2 years that attack line will be for naught. Remember that Reagan almost totally owned the recession of 1981-1982 and everyone forgot about it by 1984!

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 8.03.2009 @ 13:34

A tipping point on Obama in sight? Keep dreaming! Like I've said several times before, the Man is still in his honeymoon phase. With all of the economic and political uncertainty factored in, there's no telling when Obama will "own" this entire mess.

I really wish you would have read what I wrote. You missed a pretty good post.

I make exactly the same points you make and yet you disagree with me. Are you disagreeing with yourself? Why should I "keep dreaming" when I am not making that point in the first place?


Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 8.03.2009 @ 09:48


sara in va,

Certainly Rick won't let us down; somehow I think he keeps his promises!

funny man,

Totally second you on Liberals and Conservatives not knowing what to do about the economy. The difference is that now Liberals are in power, Conservatives are acting all upset at all the money being spent by Obama, not remembering that they just had 8 years of drunken spending and its not their turn in power anymore. (These tea parties should have had been started years ago, not last week!)


A Bromance? With Rick? Now thats funny!

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 1.03.2009 @ 22:04

No need for an apology Rick; I come by here often because of who you are, which is quite different than 90% of Conservatives. Heathy debate is essential for the well-being of our political system; something that is lacking on the vast majority of Liberal and Conservative blogs. Just keep on being you and not a Conservative clone, promise?

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 1.03.2009 @ 12:54


An historical note about the original Boston Tea Party; the resentment and frustration that precipitated the event in 1773 had been brewing (no pun intended) since at least 1765 with the Stamp Act. That 8 year period of "Taxation without Representation" gave our founding fathers a chance to really figure out what they wanted for the 13 Colonies. Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine could never have come up with their manifestos without lots of heavy thinking and years of consultation with their peers.

By contrast, it's been less than 8 weeks of the Obama Presidency; have Conservatives really thought long and hard about what they want to replace our current system with? (For God's sake, even MoveOn back in 2003 had a better idea of what they wanted when they held all those rallies and protests!) At the very least, Conservatives need to figure out what they are really about before they can start to rock the boat. Otherwise, it's just a waste of everybody's time.

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 27.02.2009 @ 23:40


Privately owned radio stations should be able to air whatever programing that the market dictates will be most profitable. Therefore the Fairness Doctrine has no place being reinstated on private companies. The only exception that I can think of is government owned radio stations such as the Armed Forces radio stations. Since our tax dollars pay for the funding of what our troops listen too, a case could be made for implementing the Fairness Doctrine on such media outlets.

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 15.02.2009 @ 20:23


By the way Obama is spending our money, you would think he's engaged in some sort of a "nation building" project. Like the one thats been going on in Iraq or Afghanistan or somewhere. It even seems as if he's preparing for future elections by spending money on other Americans! Wow, is he like a "Politician" or something?

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 15.02.2009 @ 16:55


I had no idea that "JFK answered 37 questions in a 45 minute press conference." Not having heard this amazing outburst of summarized coherency, I am left to wonder if the press deliberately asked out 35th President yes or no questions! Did JFK always do this well, especially in press conferences happening in times of crisis? Certainly he had more than 1 press conference on which to base his legacy...

Seriously though, myself and 75% of Americans were not even born when this event happened, so why shouldn't we relate to a Clinton or Bush press conference instead? Obama is still in his honeymoon phase anyway, so of course he was going to get a free pass. Besides, having complex thoughts (even if they are bogus) spoken by our leader is such a novelty, seeing that it hasn't happened in 16 years!

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 11.02.2009 @ 08:42

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