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I like the idea being tossed around by several commentators that the most vitriolic spectators at McCain/Palin rallies are being planted by the DNC. It remains me of my English nephew in vacation to New York watching Star Wars fans dressed up as Jedis and other George Lucas oddities; he was convinced that they had to be paid sponsors from the movie studio. He was quite incredulous when i told him that all these freaks were strutting their antics to the world totally on their own free will and in fact paying for the privilege! (It took the kid some time to accept this fact; in fact, it may have been his strongest insight into the American character that he came away with.) So why would a political rally be any different than from a SciFi rally.

There really are a lot of genuinely upset people on the right wing; all it takes is a minuscule percentage of them to make a crown seem ugly. It is quite certain that the Democrats don't have to pay select members of an "angry mob" to create embarrassment; the Republican party faithful are quite capable of doing it on their own. Anybody who believes otherwise is out of touch with reality.

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 11.10.2008 @ 16:56

An important clarification is that when Bush was being burned in effigy, nobody assumed that the action had any racial connotations. Just a bunch of angry people with too much time on their hands. When you get angry folks from the other side of the aisle returning the favor to Obama, the popular assumption will be that racial animosity played a part. This is why attacks on Obama have a very high chance of blowback, which is a good reason for McCain to stay away from a 100% negative campaign. (Sad to say, this is not happening.) Not only will he loose anyway, but its only a matter of time before this blows up and makes all McCain/Palin supporters look like closet racists. Which will be unfortunate for all Americans during this time of economic crisis.

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 10.10.2008 @ 16:46

Hey, if I decide not to vote for John Sidney McCain because he's being a real prick, does that automatically make me an "angry liberal"? What's with the double standard here?

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 10.10.2008 @ 12:08


Would John McCain be down right now if he had chosen Romney for the Veep slot? Here is a man who not only has charming looks, but a deep and varied body of experience that puts Biden and Palin to shame. Plus, as the head of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games Committee, he has done far more than Obama ever did in Chicago as a "community organizer". Speaking on TV about the economy, he comes across as intelligent and thoughtful in these matters, something that all the candidates lack.

Sure, he could never have fired the base up, but the independents would flock to him. If the voters care mostly about their personal economics, then the Mitt would have been able to offer them something of substance. (Can you imagine Joe Biden, the author of the bankruptcy reform bill seeming sympathetic to a voter being forced into a Chapter 13 repayment plan?) Unfortunately for John McCain, Sarah Palin offers nothing beyond firing the base up, something that seems less and less useful these days. In the end, not choosing a Veep to fill a gap in his portfolio will be the downfall of McCain.

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 7.10.2008 @ 12:16


Have the Republicans deserved to win this election? Looking back at these past 14 years (since the Contract with America), Conservatism has been usurped by a bunch of radical idealists, right-wing blow-hards, and born-again jesus freaks. What would a McCain victory do to reverse any of this? (Seeing how our economy is being nationalized right now, it is hard to believe that any upcoming administration would do worse.) It is uncertain whether or not this country deserves an Obama victory; but surely the Republicans have had it coming to them for a long time now.

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 5.10.2008 @ 14:38


This could be a major problem for Joe Biden, except that nobody cares. Sarah Palin has sucked all the life out of the 2008 Vice-President Nominee category. The MSN (and nearly all blogs) ignored Obama's pick before the debate, so why should they pay attention to him now?

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 4.10.2008 @ 02:11

'Unleash' Palin? Get Real

Has anybody defending Palin watched her recent interviews? If she performs anything like that in the debate, she will lose for sure! I certainly hope she does better against Biden, otherwise it will be embarrassing to watch.

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 29.09.2008 @ 23:06


Hey Gayle Miller, if you are going to use "Barack Hussein Obama", the least you can do is use "John Sidney McCain".

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 29.09.2008 @ 17:01

Hey Chuck, thanks for making this point:

"The simple truth is that a better reputation and standing in the world directly translates to more people buying our products."

Good to see that I'm not alone on this issue. Right now, we have to start exporting our way out of economic difficulty, and I can't imagine that a McCain presidency will help. While it's not obvious that an Obama presidency would really aid our industrial base either, I think the most important thing is "First, do no harm". A belligerent McCain is the last thing we need on our backs when trying to sell our goods. As Rick says:

"Obama could very well end up grovelling and apologizing to most of the planet while McCain ends up bombing the crap out of Iran and isolating us further."

If this observation is true, I wonder which president would be better for our economy?

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 28.09.2008 @ 23:36


Why should have Ms. Parker have kept her thoughts to herself? That's what being a writer is all about! Lord knows that if anybody would tell Rick Moran to keep his opinions to himself, he would tell them to piss off, and rightfully so. I am not familiar with her writings; is she usually a party-line columnist or more of an independent conservative?

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 26.09.2008 @ 17:09

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