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I know it is not politically correct to say that Obama “creeps me out.” That’s because immediately after uttering such blasphemy, our friends on the left would put me on the couch and matter of factly inform me that I am suffering from “The White American Disease” and recommend a torturous rehabilitation that would include watching 6 hours a day of “Blaxploitation” films and continuous viewings of Roots in order to inculcate the proper amount of white guilt and outrage directed against white males into my racist psyche.

That’s fine. Just don’t include the execrable remake of Shaft in with the bunch. I much prefer the original with Richard Roundtree as the title character. Now that brother was kewl. He oozed class. And when it came to getting back at the man, he had no equal – all others were pale imitations. Samuel L. Jackson may be a better actor. But he’s something of a nerd, isn’t he? Roundtree, despite not being a gifted thespian, was anything but a nerd.

Anyway, this was a hard list to compile, especially since I didn’t want to get into his physical appearance. I understand he’s very healthy and works out all the time but good Lord, can’t we put some meat on the poor guy? He makes Jack Sprat look like Arne. No doubt there is a standing rule in the Obama campaign that absolutely, under no circumstances, is the candidate to be photographed next to a bean pole.

People can’t help how they look so perhaps it’s best we not include any physical attributes in this creep out list. Besides, Obama’s most obvious distinguishing physical characteristic is hard to miss. Lots of people have commented on it and been chastised for their shallowness. Considering how it dominates his appearance, it is strange that he never did anything to lessen its impact.

No, dummy. I’m talking about his ears.


10. It creeps me out that whenever Obama makes an appearance, the rain stops falling and the sun comes out. As a rationalist I am loathe to ascribe a direct cause and effect to this phenomenon except that it happens quite frequently and the rainbow created by the sun breaking through the clouds spells out “Yes We Can!”

Probably just a coincidence…

9. It creeps me out that there are about twice as many women at Obama rallies as there are men. Now I am not of the Melvin Udall School of anti-feminist thought (when asked how he writes women so well, Udall responds “I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability”). But what is one to think when watching the reaction of females as Obama is speaking? I’m sorry, but it is hard to imagine a man covering their mouth, chest heaving, barely able to contain himself and then ooooohing and aaaaaahhing when the messiah says something particularly vapid and innocuous.

Elvis, I can understand. But a politician?

8. It creeps me out that the press seems hypnotized by this guy. Grown men and women blubbering like babes when talking about how exciting he is, how mesmerizing he is when he speaks. It’s as if “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” has come to life and the pods have been placed in every newsroom in America. It isn’t just Crissy Mathews and MSNBC. It’s news anchors at CNN, reporters for Time and Newsweek, editorial writers at WaPo and the New York Times. Big media is in the tank for this guy in a big way. They have thrown off all semblance of fairness (never mind objectivity) and just don’t care that people know they are in Obama’s corner. They can’t be shamed into changing. They evidently won’t be deflected from doing their best to elect Obama.

This kind of thing causes the hairs on the back of my neck to prick up – like walking through a graveyard at midnight. It is just plain creepy – no other word for it.

7. It creeps me out that Obama’s rhetoric about America is so apocalyptic. It is “the worst” this or “the most” that. He is a serial exaggerator – so much so it would be impossible for anyone to debunk all of his outrageous “doom and gloom” claims.

And what’s really, really creepy is that after addressing this litany of horrific evils perpetrated by Bush and the Republicans, he holds himself up as just the man to fix everything. If the United States were as bad as he describes it, no sane person would want to live there. And yet, Obama will ride to the rescue and “restore” America.

Shining knights on white horses riding to save us is one thing – we’ve seen that before many times in American politics. But Obama’s powers extend beyond Coolidge’s Hoover’s promise of a “chicken in every pot” to a promise to heal the souls of America and Americans.

I don’t know what’s creepier. The candidate saying it or his supporters believing it.

6. It creeps me out that with the exception of most conservatives, Obama’s radical associations and radical past – including his being on a first name basis with an unreconstructed terrorist – doesn’t seem to bother many people. What am I missing here? When Obama makes an actual political alliance with a radical Maoist organization like The New Party, going so far as to attending their meetings and recruiting their members to work on his state senate campaign, why is there no call for the candidate to explain himself? Nor has there been any effort – save a couple of scattered stories in the National Review and elsewhere that detail Obama’s association with the radical group ACORN.

It’s as if the entire “Obama movement,” made up mostly of good, mainstream Democrats, is so in thrall to the candidate that they can’t see the warning signs of this fellow’s true radicalism. They dismiss his past by simply pointing to the here and now and saying “See? He really is a moderate kind of guy after all.” We don’t know that because no one has ever – ever – asked him to explain why he sought the endorsement of a radical communist group when running for the state senate and why he associated himself with the radical group ACORN.

Beyond creepy. Truly scary…

5. Has there ever been a creepier presidential hopeful’s spouse than Michelle Obama? She actually said this to a political gathering last February: “Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones. That you push yourselves to be better. And that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.”

Rarely has there been a creepier utterance by a major candidate for president or his spouse (Ron Paul has said some very, very creepy things). This one set off alarm bells in my head the moment I heard it. It elicited the question that many of us who oppose this guy have been asking more and more frequently lately.

Just who in the hell does this guy think he is? “Require” us to do what? “Demand” what? Besides coming off sounding like Evita Peron, Michelle Obama has a very weird view of the art of politics which works by persuasion and not by compulsion.

That one registers a 8.5 on the Creepy-O-Meter.

4. It creeps me out that Obama continues to speak as if he is president already and that the election is some mere formality that if he had his druthers, we could do without. His use of the royal “we” is very weird as well. Jack Tapper of ABC News noticed the same thing about Obama and his staff. Just one example of many: During an interview with ABC’s Nightline, he said he “wouldn’t be doing my job as Commander in Chief” if he just did whatever the generals said in Iraq. Obviously, it is not his job. And this is not the only example as Tapper points out in that Newsbusters piece.

A couple of times where the candidate falls into the mental state of what he would do as president and referring to himself as already elected would be understandable. Obama does it all the time and is seemingly unaware of how it makes him appear.

3. I find it very creepy that Obama removed the American flag at the back of his plane and replaced it with a great big “O?” Tell me that doesn’t creep you out. The flag and the “O” would be just fine. But why remove the flag?

Judging by the way he has flip flopped all over the place on the flag pin mess (which I believe is a non-issue whether or not he wears it but the flip flopping is of legitimate concern) it should call into question just what this guy believes. Again, warning bells should be going off in everyone’s head and either the press is too cowed to ask him questions about it or they just don’t care.

2. I can’t believe every American wasn’t creeped out by Obama’s fake presidential seal that he featured for exactly one day at a conference of governors. This story actually gave me a slight feeling of panic wondering if this guy is a megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur or…what? I couldn’t think of another reason any candidate would have the audacity of overweening pride and destructive ambition to create, approve, and then display such an artifact. Did someone bother to ask the candidate what he was thinking when he approved the use of that seal?

I thought not. The press may not have liked the answer.

1. The number one thing about Obama that creeps me out is the ease and comfort with which he lies. All politicians lie. Presidential candidates lie more than other politicians. But Obama’s lies are brazen and breathtaking. His explanation for why he allowed his kids to be interviewed by “Entertainment Tonight” was so ridiculous as to be a parody of the truth. But he was allowed to get away with it because the venues he chose to “explain” his demonstration of parental stupidity were friendly or, as in the case of Good Morning America, hardly a news outlet at all.

Presidents lie all the time. They do so for a variety of reasons – mostly to save their political hides. But Obama lies as a matter of course and has a familiarity with the practice the begs for an explanation. Krauthammer thinks it’s ego. He sums up everything that creeps me out about Obama here:

Obama may think he’s King Canute, but the good king ordered the tides to halt precisely to refute sycophantic aides who suggested that he had such power. Obama has no such modesty.

After all, in the words of his own slogan, “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” which, translating the royal “we,” means: “I am the one we’ve been waiting for.” Amazingly, he had a quasi-presidential seal with its own Latin inscription affixed to his podium, until general ridicule—it was pointed out that he was not yet president—induced him to take it down

He lectures us that instead of worrying about immigrants learning English, “you need to make sure your child can speak Spanish”—a language Obama does not speak. He further admonishes us on how “embarrassing” it is that Europeans are multilingual but “we go over to Europe, and all we can say is, ‘merci beaucoup.’” Obama speaks no French.

His fluent English does, however, feature many such admonitions, instructions and improvements. His wife assures us that President Obama will be a stern taskmaster: “Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism … that you come out of your isolation. ... Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.”

For the first few months of the campaign, the question about Obama was: Who is he? The question now is: Who does he think he is?

We are getting to know. Redeemer of our uninvolved, uninformed lives. Lord of the seas. And more. As he said on victory night, his rise marks the moment when “our planet began to heal.” As I recall—I’m no expert on this—Jesus practiced his healing just on the sick. Obama operates on a larger canvas.

I try to laugh and make fun of the candidate’s hubris, the wild eyed, gyrating women who nearly swoon when he speaks, the supporters who walk and talk as if they were programmed – but my heart is rapidly losing the desire to make sport of this situation. Unless he shoots himself in his own foot, this man is going to be the next president of the United States.

And that, dear subscribers, is the creepiest thing of all.

This post also appears at The American Thinker

By: Rick Moran at 9:42 am
  1. 1
    michael reynolds Said:
    10:32 am 

    Oh, Rick. It’s not a race thing. It’s a boy-meets-boy thing.

    Like the heroine in every romance novel you find yourself drawn, almost against your will, to this charming stranger. Your head tells you “No! No!” He’s not the guy for you. You disagree on so much. You’re so very different.

    But your head is protesting against the deeper knowledge of your heart. You can’t long deny the way your heart flutters at his approach. The way your breath comes in little, sharp gasps when he touches you. At night, as sleep takes you, you picture him speaking, just to you, in that mellifluous voice.

    And when you’re with other candidates it’s “Change! Change! Oh yes, yes we can!” that you cry out.

    Methinks the blogger doth protest too much.

    In the end he’ll have you, he’ll make you his, and you’ll thank him for it. Excuse me, I mean you’ll thank Him for it.

    YIKES! I wonder if I should go to that de-programmer who specializes in making gays straight. Will that save me?


  2. 2
    J. Ewing Said:
    11:18 am 

    “This story actually gave me a slight feeling of panic wondering if this guy is a megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur or…what? ”

    Throw in a little narcissism and a sense of entitlement, and you’ve about got it. Or you could just call it a God complex, hearing some of the things he says.

    “Unless he shoots himself in his own foot,...”

    Please don’t talk about Obama being shot. You’ll have all of us racing to check Revelations.

  3. 3
    retire05 Said:
    11:42 am 

    When I ask Obama supporters why they support him I get the standard “He will bring change to America.” So that leads into “what change?” Will I no longer be able to climb into my F250 diesel and drive to any damn spot in America I chose? Will I no longer be able to work at a job where I chose, the only requirement being the employer accepts me?” Ask those questions and you will get the same equal black stare as you do when you ask “What has Obama accomplished in his life that is so unusal in a nation like ours?” Then you get the standard “He was the first minority to be president of the Harvard Law Review” (actually, no he wasn’t); “He is a United States senator” (so what, there are 100 of them); “He is a uniter” (what the hell has he ever united?).

    I like to think of myself as a student of history. An American history book like 1776 will catch my eye long before any John Grisham book. And while I find the History Channel to be biased, it seems to be one of the few stations I ever tune into.

    There are also some things I find creepy, one you briefly touch on; the big “O”. While other candidates of the past have signs being waved by adoring fans with their name and the American flag, flags behind them, flags in front of them, flags all around them, not so with the Obama man. We see a sea of the big “O”.

    I was watching a segment on the rise of Hitler (you knew it was coming) the other night when I could not sleep. It showed the parades in Berlin, with Hitler standing at a podium watching as adoring Germans pledged their loyality and he promised the trains would run on time. But there was something missing that I could not exactly put my finger on. Then it hit me; there were no German flags. This man, who was preaching German nationalism, promising to restore the greatness of Germany, telling the German people they would once again be the leaders of the world and German power and might would be first in the world, did not have any German flags behind him. Instead, he had his version of the big “O”.

    Now there will be the Obamabot who says I am being paranoid to which I reply, I am not paranoid, I am observant. I understand that everything involved in a campaign DOES have meaning. Campaigns are PR events. And logos are designed to have impact. See the logo, think of the company (or person) that logo is attached to. No words are necessary. When you see the famous CokaCola logo, do you think Chevrolet, or America, or even soft drink? No, you think one thing, CokaCola. Ad men know this. They know the more you have the logo out there, the more of that product they will sell. That is why it is everywhere. And a million bumper stickers with a logo is worth more than a one minute ad slot on national TV during the Super Bowl.

    The big “O”. That, to me, is the creepiest.

  4. 4
    grognard Said:
    12:10 pm 

    Obama speaks in platitudes because knows his followers are projecting on him their hopes and dreams, they will find out what he is really about after the election just as conservatives found out what Bush was all about after they elected him. Conservative are making a huge mistake if they think this guy is an “empty suit”. Obama in Chicago and nationally has defeated better connected and financed campaigns, he is a very shrewd and smart politician. Of course that does not make him a shrewd and smart leader, but the guy is not another George Bush. Both political parties have shown themselves to be empty suits when it comes to doing what they say they are going to do. Right now my inner debate is should I continue to punish the Republicans for their ripping up the Contract with America or vote for a divided government where neither one of these abortions of political parties has all the marbles.

  5. 5
    Jack Rail Said:
    12:31 pm 

    Barack Obama is dangerous. He has the same kind of radical background Hitler had, he is promising America what Hitler promised Germans, and he is painting himself as Der Fuehrer.

    Two things will subvert Obama’s totalitarian instincts: First, his incompetence; second, our strong traditions of independence.

  6. 6
    Mary Daly Said:
    1:03 pm 

    Rick, the ‘Chicken in Every Pot’ guy was Hoover. It is so UN-Coolidge

    Thanks Mary. Will make the correction.


  7. 7
    busboy33 Said:
    1:04 pm 

    Thank you, Mr. M. I’m just approaching the tail end of 2 day + work binge, and was dragging so hard I could barely shuffle papers. Your reason #7 had (and still has) me laughing so hard I sprayed Red Bull all over my desk.
    Its been 10 minutes, I’ve read it 5 times so far, and I havent stopped laughing or grinning like a schoolgirl talking to her first big crush.
    Normally, when I need a mental/emotional pick-me-up, I watch that goofball that travels around the world dancing. He’s silly, but seems to brighten my attitude. This post put him to shame, and I still haven’t gotten halfway through.
    Presuming you take all this as sarcasm, I can only tell you with all the sincerity emotionless text provides that your post has put a Sound-of-Music-caliber song in my heart, just when I really needed it.
    Sometimes it feels like God just sets up annoying roadblock after roadblock to force you to pay a little extra into the Karma bank. I’ve come to the personal belief that you never get the interest when you think you want it, but The Boss always seems to send you a nice Karma check when you really need it need it. I needed it, and this was like the emotional Ed McMahon knocking on my door with his silly oversized pennies from Heaven. A bad week now doesn’t seem so rotten, and the remaining grind looks less imposing than the same pile was 15 minutes ago.
    Again, whether you believe it or not . . . thank you.

  8. 8
    ‘The Top Ten Things that Creep Me Out About Obama’ « Thoughts Of A Conservative Christian Pinged With:
    1:51 pm 

    [...] Moran For your reading pleasure this morning, I thought I would include something of my own creation. A “Top Ten” of things that really creep me out about [...]

  9. 9
    Tom Geer Said:
    2:14 pm 

    Your article omitted what I think is the creepiest thing about Obama, his post-political rhetoric.
    His notion that if we all just come together, we’ll save the world really means we all have to agree with Barack. The essence of the democratic notion is that people have conflicts and different views, that these differences should not be eliminated but mediated through a structure seen to be fair, and that democracy provides such a structure. Obama’s rhetoric is, to that extent, profoundly anti-democratic.

  10. 10
    Drew McGarr Said:
    2:34 pm 

    Not to be like that smart-ass know it all in 7th grade, but I couldn’t shake the thought that President Hoover used the “chicken in every pot…” remark.

    So, I double checked, and the source below confirms that it was Hoover. However, do not quote me until I have cleared this with Barack, and I’ll get back to you. :o)

    See below….

    1928 Presidential Campaign Slogans

    A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage – Herbert Hoover

    Claims that the everyone will be prosperous under a Hoover presidency


    The purpose of this site is to provide researchers, teachers, students, politicians, journalists, and citizens a complete resource guide to the US Presidents.

    If you would like to suggest a Presidential link, report a broken link, or have any comments or questions please email:

    Copyright 2002, by CB Presidential Research Services

  11. 11
    Misty Said:
    2:42 pm 

    Michael Reynolds is a cutie pie.

  12. 12
    Ellen Said:
    3:06 pm 

    Rick, I found you first when I began watching 24. While I enjoyed the show, I really waited each week for the next morning when your commentary appeared! Your writing is wonderful.

    This one is just great. My favorites:

    Obama’s powers extend beyond Coolidge’s promise of a “chicken in every pot” to a promise to heal the souls of America and Americans. I don’t know what’s creepier. The candidate saying it or his supporters believing it.

    “Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones. That you push yourselves to be better. And that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.”

    I am daily aghast that we haven’t seen a huge gathering of strong, independent Americans saying “Bleahhh!” and riding this guy out of town on a rail.

  13. 13
    Sharon Said:
    3:33 pm 

    I don’t want Obama in the White House any more than the lunatic McCain. But this blog is super stupid.

  14. 14
    Foobarista Said:
    3:33 pm 

    For me, the creepiest thing is how many of the bored billionaire types Obama has in his corner. These are people who are so rich, they no longer care about tax policy or whatever as much as being seen as nice, wonderful people.

    I live near some ultra-affluent areas in Silicon Valley. When I drive through nine-digit areas (ie, most people in the neighborhood have 9 figure net worths) like Atherton or Los Altos Hills, nearly every house has an Obama lawn sign next to the gate entrance. These were the people in the crowd when Obama gave his “bitter” speech in San Francisco.

    I’m as big a fan of capitalism as anyone else, but I’m always suspicious when all the big money seems to want something that seems to be against it’s more obvious interest. Maybe they know something we don’t? Maybe lots of promises have been made? Or maybe they’re rich dupes?

    One lesson of the Valley from someone who’s lived here his whole life: big money doesn’t always add up to wisdom or political intelligence.

  15. 15
    Lasso Said:
    4:22 pm 

    I wonder if Michelle really wants people to become informed and involved.

  16. 16
    The Media Loves Obama « Bob’s Bites Pinged With:
    4:26 pm 

    [...] TOP TEN THINGS THAT CREEP ME OUT ABOUT OBAMA by Rick Moran Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Beware The Trojan HorseAnother End of an Era « Armchair everythingHero worship is alive and well among liberals in the U.S.Matt Lauer calls on “Captain Al” to save the planet [...]

  17. 17
    Mary Daly Said:
    5:03 pm 

    Rick, regarding my earlier post: thanks for being so gracious. What I should have said was :

    Thanks for a great essay: an all too true and scary list. One nit: the ‘Chicken in Every Pot’ guy was Hoover. If you think about it, it is so UN-Coolidge.
    Best, Mary

  18. 18
    Charles Vairin Said:
    5:03 pm 

    Where is AlfrredEobamma’s love child. He couldn’t be a democrat presidential candidate without one. Obama’s latest date certain is not 16 months from his election, not 16 months from January 2007, it is when conditions are right. I guess that his judgment was so bad he has morphed into McCain’s and Bush’s position. Soon he will look like a conservative. Perhaps, the closet butt sucker will vote for English as the national language. Trust you couldn’t stand the trust of anything the mixed breed has to say.

  19. 19
    Tom Said:
    5:08 pm 

    He doesn’t need to shoot himself in the foot. He just needs to continue as he’s doing, and we just have to point it out:

  20. 20
    Jeff Allenson Said:
    5:11 pm 

    It is beyond mind-boggling how those who insisted the Fascist Bushitler have turned sheeple for the Obamessiah. Change you must believe in- or else.

  21. 21
    Arthur Said:
    5:22 pm 

    Good list of creepy things.

    I don’t get how you can be some worried about Obama and still be so dismissive of the “lesser evil”? I suspected your “McCain is too old” post was a joke but it’s been a few days now and I guess you’re serious about it. So. You have choice between the old guy and the creepy guy.

    Look at it this way. McCain MIGHT be too old but we’re SURE Obama is creepy.

  22. 22
    juliej Said:
    5:27 pm 

    I agree with these top ten list and I would also like to include what creeps me out that after all the people who sacrificed their children, wifes and husbands doing what they think was right in Iraq (remember there is NO draft)he couldn’t be bother to take an hour to go visit wounded soldiers. Where is his ethics? Did he really care about those soldiers?
    There were other reports that came from soldiers in Afganistan that Obama would not stop to shake hands with the soldiers or even stop to talk with them except for one time photo shoot. The reports coming out say that they have changed their minds about Obama.

    There are many, many mistakes the Obama makes when he has no teleprompter. This leads me to believe that he is not all that bright. His stammering and studdering sometimes leads me to believe that he is still on Cocaine as well as he physical slimnest. I would love Obama to submit to some drug testing which is common when trying out for a job.

    All I know, is that I too feel VERY creepy about Obama. I pray every night that he doesn’t win. PS… I’m an ex democrat now an independent. I left the party because of the rigging of the primary by the DNC. I am voting for McCain, because truly, McCain scares me less than the fake Messiah.

  23. 23
    M. Wilcox Said:
    5:55 pm 

    Obama will be like that other icon of the Democrat party J. F**kup Kennedy,He’ll be hailed as the bringer of a new paradigm,our enemies wil rejoice,the world will sigh,he’ll order Generals to speak nicely about our enemies,he’ll offer food for peace in troubled places,he’ll bring hope and change to far flung regions like Vietnam and the bay of pigs,he’ll unite the world like the Berlin wall,he’ll be audacious like the Cuban missile crisis.

    Kennedy did so much in only 1,037 days,just think what the big 0 can do with 10 er 8 years.

  24. 24
    Charm Said:
    6:25 pm 

    Well, the good news is that Michelle did promise us earlier in the campaign that she and Barach are giving us only one chance to elect him. So all we have to do is make sure they are defeated this time and then “poof” they’re gone.

  25. 25
    Dale in Atlanta Said:
    6:29 pm 

    Surrender, Socialism, Taxes: Vote Obama ‘08

  26. 26
    Terrye Said:
    6:42 pm 

    I had that same exact thought about the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It is creepy, it really is. I did not like Hillary Clinton, but she did not give me the willies the way this guy does.

  27. 27
    Chuck Said:
    6:45 pm 

    I think creepy is a very precise word. For those of us that have not fallen under his spell, there is something very off about this man. I have actually used the word scary.

  28. 28
    kev Said:
    7:22 pm 

    The big “O”. That, to me, is the creepiest.

    I like a big red X

  29. 29
    Lynn Suzanne Said:
    7:24 pm 

    FROM lynnsuzanne’s latest book:

    PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA ~ PRESIDENT HIL CLINTON ~ OPRAH OPRAH OPRAH ~ Me, Me, Me, fealty to the Symbol of the Secular Cult of Social America by Lynn Suzanne ~ page 324

    Dear God,

    I wonder what Fourth of July of 2009 will look like. No matter what mood the country is in on that special day, I plan to make a complete fool of myself: I am going to take my celebration of Independence Day to great heights. I hope that there will be many others that will have awakened from the walking-dead-sleep who will join me.

    Did my forefathers know this could happen? There is no time to research all they wrote about this potential. God, please place the knowing in my cells right this very moment. A miracle must commence.

    Where did the fallible human place his ancestral training? When was it let go?

    Forget it. I do not care how or when; it is trivial at this point. Certainly, Monday-morning-quarterbacking will take care of that on every cable news network. After the explosion, they can loop it over and over and over. CNN will be so damn excited that they beat FOX with the breaking news by two minutes, and they inevitably will have missed the entire point once again.

    I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

    It is now upside-down after having soared the heights of an eagle and victoried in the consummate capitulation of a genocidal maniac from stored-up provisions, of ancient wisdom, that summoned the courage of a Spartan warrior and then shared the bounty of the fruit of its labor.

    Me, Me, Me fealty to the Secular Cult of Social America, and only toward the Dictatorship for which it demands, one lump of dirt smothered by GodWithoutJesus, butt-Ugly, with Enslavement and Thought-Control, for each Comatose Infallible Despot.

    A Horrified Citizen

  30. 30
    Jeremy Said:
    7:34 pm 

    Jesus what aren’t conservatives afraid of. Seriously you guys are the biggest f’ing pussies it’s pathetic. You’re so afraid of terrorists you’re willing to give up your civil rights. You’re afraid of uneducated Mexicans taking your jobs. Now here comes the scary black man, oooohhhh. You neocons need to grow a pair.

    Why must you exaggerate? Why must you be such a first class pig? No one is giving up any “civil rights.” No one is afraid of “uneducated Mexicans” taking jobs.

    You exaggerate as much as Obama. And the reason is that the reality of debate is too difficult for you so you just make shit up that you believe makes you sound like you know what you’re talking about. You don’t. You are an ignoramus who couldn’t debate most of the people who post on this site, sticking to the merits of the issue. So you throw up strawmen like being “afraid” of terrorists and Mexicans.

    I suggest you are afraid to engage in debate. Hence, you seem to be the only one afraid of anything. As for you playing the race card, shame on you.


  31. 31
    mannning Said:
    7:36 pm 

    For me, the creepiest things, perhaps echoing part of Moran’s ten, are: 1) how he was able to get where he is, baggage and all; and 2) how he can garner such worshipful support from the crowd.

    As I posted months ago, he is almost exactly the AntiChrist of the “Left Behind” series, Nicholas Carpathia, in his every act.

    When so much emotion FOR a candidate is generated, the rise of the often dangerous AGAINST segment of the population is inevitable.

  32. 32
    Don L Said:
    7:55 pm 

    But what if they know he’s a radical and that’s why they like him? You hit it on the head when you said the media is out running with him and no longer try to hide it. But the voters who support him really want to be lied to, so whether he wins or not it’s only a matter of time until biggovernment/socialism completes its takeover of the USA. Sad but true.

  33. 33
    John Said:
    8:10 pm 

    When looking at a list like that, I comfort myself in the knowledge that, based on how his staff has run his campaign, whatever meglomania Obama may harbor and/or whatever authoritarian impluses Michelle may have figure to be swamped in a clusterphque of incompetence if Barack does with the nomination.

    Obama’s media love affair in 2008 mirrors the one given by the New York-based press to David Dinkins back in 1989 in his run against Rudy Giuliani—same campaign vapidness, same orgasmic media love, as if the mere election of the first African-American mayor would turn New York into Shangra-La. And then just as now, every foible by the candidate, and then by the mayor, was downplayed or ignored until his Louie XVI Sun King act of ordering the planes to fly a different takeoff route out of LaGuardia so he could watch the U.S. Open, finally ticked off enough people so that even with continued media adjulation for Dinkins, Giuliani won the rematch in 1993.

    Of course, screw-ups as president haave far greater consequences than screw-ups as NYC mayor, but if Obama gets elected, I expect to see the same “It’s good to be the King” attitude, the same feet of clay when it comes to doing anything to anger your core base, the same big media looking the other way attitude that’s even obvious now during the campaign, and by 2012, the same public rebellion as there was in ‘93 (or as with Reagan and Carter in 1980), even as the press and Democrats try to play Kevin Bacon in “Animal House”, standing on the sidewalk during the parade riot yelling “All is well”.

  34. 34
    docweasel Said:
    8:21 pm 

    The Melvin Udall response to how he writes women was supposedly originated by real life author John Updyke, who gave that same response to the same question in an interview.

  35. 35
    jambrowski Said:
    8:44 pm 

    the scary thing to me mr. moran, is the chameleon abilities the media has given him. the truth is blatantly available, yet the MSM is doing a wonderful job of masking it. they are kinda like the weekly top forty, they play the songs over, and over, and over till you cannot get them out of your head, then the sheep think they like them/him. another thing the press is doing that gives him this ability was well represented in ‘meet the press’ today, tom asked the right questions, but unlike russert, he just let obama take control of the conversation, the man never answered one of the so called tough questions, like why he didn’t visit he wounded troops or whether the surge was a success. maybe there should be some conspiracy theories on russert’s death… he seems to have been the only major msm member that would ask the hard ones, who is left? he is beyond directing them, he has the damn bull by the nosering. his will be the age of the chameleon, yahweh help us…

  36. 36
    Surabaya Stew Said:
    8:45 pm 

    What’s really creepy to me are those who believe that an Obama presidency will be the downfall of the United States of America. That takes some real kool-aid! It kind of reminds me of those who predicted in the late 80’s that the Soviets would crush us. What it really points to is an insecurity complex.

    Of course, the exact parallel of this Obama-hating are the leftists who declared Bush Jr. to be fascist and evil, and would leave the country if he won re-election. How many of these folks stuck it out and will be pulling the lever in 2008? Fact is, some folks just like to exaggerate shit all out of proportion, and this blog is no exception.

    Foobarista brought up an excellent point about all the wealthy people in Silicon Valley being Obama supporters. If those who have been instrumental in creating so much wealth for America are not backing the “pro-business” candidate, then it would seem natural that they all know something that many of fail to see. My guess is that they think that brand Obama is a better way to sell America to the world than brand McCain is. (When it comes to making future profits for Silicon Valley, that fact is of paramount importance as the USA is a saturated market.) Call that thinking creepy if you will; they call it thinking global.

    Businessmen are notorious idiots when it comes to politics. Most politicians – right and left – rightfully view them with contempt. Just because you make a lot of money it doesn’t endow you with any special prescience when it comes to understanding political realities.


  37. 37
    Patterico’s Pontifications » Creepy Things About Barack Obama Pinged With:
    8:47 pm 

    [...] Recommended reading: Rick Moran’s “The Top Ten Things that Creep Me Out About Obama.” [...]

  38. 38
    Michael Asher Said:
    9:08 pm 

    Obama is a moral relativist of the highest order and his entire weltanschauung was seriously influenced by his Marxist father even though he had left when Obama was young.

  39. 39
    Bookworm Room » The London Times calls out the New York Times for double standards Pinged With:
    10:30 pm 

    [...] the fact that Obama is young and that women find him attractive (see this post too for that same point), and given the fact that he is a malignant narcissist (and narcissists in the [...]

  40. 40
    pee-h-dee Said:
    10:57 pm 

    Haven’t looked at your site for a while, but I see that you’re still obsessed with Obama.

    “Obama Jokefest Contest”???? Is “The American Thinker” actually still paying you to write this third-grade crap???????

    Having worked in a state psychiatric center for thirty years, I can tell you that your blog has nothing in common with a “nuthouse”. Mental patients are capable of original thought……

  41. 41
    mannning Said:
    11:29 pm 

    Ed. An interesting phrase you used: political realities. This seems to be orthogonal to national realities, and a lexicon that only the initiated can comprehend.

    There must be as many “political realities” as there are politicians and their constituents. Or are there merely Leftist political realities and Rightist political realities? Oh, or Independent political realities, too. Oh, and also the realities of each party in existence: Communist, Socialist, Humanist, Libertarian, etc., and, just maybe—Businessmen, and their checkbooks.

    I suspect you are right on when you say that businessmen are contemptable in politician’s eyes, but I will assure you that the same is exceedingly true for politicians in the eyes of the businessman. Hypocrits all.

  42. 42
    Wary Said:
    11:40 pm 

    Even more creepy than O logo is the semi-hidden logo that you see briefly on Obama’s website.
    Try it.

    Start here – you won’t need to sign up really.
    Then click on Spread or Read or Learn and you will see an image, for just a second.

    Here’s that image, that you only see for just a second

    Here’s a Free Republic thread on the semi-hidden logo.

    Here’s a clearer version of the subliminal logo here.

    Per Free Republic thread..

    “please, some of you, bring attention to the fact that Obama’s logo, as seen on his web site, shows an arrow or spear through the stars and stripes of the USA; the flag is depicted torn; an eagle is turned away from and is departing from over the flag symbol; a moon is rising over the USA stripes in a dark night; and above the frame, top right, the curve of the wings of an eagle are depicted from the rear, as it is seen lifting, to fly away.

    Very, very creepy.

  43. 43
    Surabaya Stew Said:
    11:44 pm 

    “Businessmen are notorious idiots when it comes to politics. Most politicians – right and left – rightfully view them with contempt. Just because you make a lot of money it doesn’t endow you with any special prescience when it comes to understanding political realities.”

    Actually, isn’t good political judgement the hallmark of a successful businessman? Sure they don’t tend to stick to one position or point of view for very long, but that is because they are realists, not idealists. The bottom line come before political ideology, something that us who work for the man tend to forget. Call me a fool, but I’d trust Silicon Valley’s opinions of Obama long before I trust the Rust Belt’s feelings for McCain.

    One more thing about businessmen; you are quite correct that politicians may indeed view them with contempt… except when they come around for campaign donations and to beg them to set up factories in their states in exchange for favorable tax audits. Funny how some of us trust the business community with wealth creation for all citizens, research and development in advanced technology, health care, food production, even fighting wars! But trust them with understanding political realities? Nah, too complicated; they’re all notorious idiots!

  44. 44
    ex republican Said:
    1:30 am 

    the fear factor is here is thick…...this is why i left the republican party earlier this year: the GOP has become a bunch of scared whiners. if its not “islamo-fascists” its “creepy” politicians.

    STAND UP and be a man and say what it is you don’t like about Obama!! ALl this post shows is that you can’t articulate a political thought, so you blame it on UNEXPLAINABLE phenomena Go back to school and learn to think and write!!

  45. 45
    yochanan Said:
    2:09 am 

    the fact that the black lumpin prols think he is a god creeps me out.i remember their anti white racism when harold washington was mayor of chicago i see the same thing happening now with the obama massah.


  46. 46
    mosse Said:
    2:55 am 

    This posting was exactly right, though I wish you had written “signed a contract with” rather than formed “an alliance with” the New Party, though you link to the site that specifies the contract Obama signed with them and its purpose. All the responses are right, too, that this isn’t funny or whimsical—it’s a REAL cause for alarm (“creepy” is it!). We also do need to worry about figuring out how powerful the “New Party” crowd actually is. The Wikipedia entry is false, so don’t bother reading it. And, here in Chi, we need to be worrying who else in our government and their high level associates are on board with this group. (The “Chicago Way,” indeed!) Well…thanks for your work on this site; Steve Diamond at is excellent, too, and whomever is running “investigatebarackobama” over at wordpress has a really good compilation of QUESTIONS, as well as sources. We need to find out why this character is being packaged as a done deal…and THEN to figure out what we’re going to DO about it! Best wishes, all.

  47. 47
    » Top Ten Things That Creep Me Out About Obama Pinged With:
    3:49 am 

    [...]…t-about-obama/ [...]

  48. 48
    Chris Said:
    4:04 am 

    I keep thinking how the Obamessiah will implode or be destroyed by McCain during the debates. But then I fear the all too possible reality that the MSM and The Master’s supporters will not LET him implode. Look at what they’ve ignored so far. And McCain is not the most effective debater. “O” will stay away from debate formats which do not favor him. I am no fan of (the political) McCain, but it scares me to think of the damage an Obama presidency will do. I just pray that we have enough residual wisdom as a country to reject him. Given how far we have already strayed from our founding principles, four years of Obamaship may well destroy what is left of The Great Experiment.

  49. 49
    Commentary » Blog Archive » Flotsam and Jetsam Pinged With:
    6:16 am 

    [...] is this on the mark. Especially the #1 [...]

  50. 50
    plum Said:
    6:18 am 

    How influential is an American president on for instance Economic policies. As a foriegner I thought policy decisions are a collective of the representatives, the cabinet and the President himself. If thats so then Blaming bush for your current economic malaise is ridiculous. it’s equally far fetched to think Obama will bring about wholesome change or that he is a danger to the united states. I think you take the whole process too seriously, forgetting who politicians realy are. They are all the same whether in europe australia asia etc. They say things not because they believe in them or intend to fulfill them. No! just to get Elected.

  51. 51
    Stop Obama Said:
    6:42 am 

    This Democrat will vote for McCain in November. What bothers me most about Obama is his reliance on a teleprompter.

  52. 52
    Macmind - Conservative Commentary and Common Sense Trackbacked With:
    6:42 am 

    “Creepy Obama…

    Rick Moran on the Ten Things that creep him out about Barack Obama. just TEN?...

  53. 53
    Dave Schuler Said:
    6:55 am 

    the art of politics which works by persuasion and not by compulsion

    Oh, Rick, you’re showing your age. That is, like, so 1960. Today’s politics is about power and only about power. Government by enumerated powers? Puh-leeze. You get enough votes, you do whatever you want.

    Heh. I may be long in the tooth but getting elected still requires a little persuasive rhetoric. Afterwards, not so much.


  54. 54
    Woebegonslug Said:
    7:09 am 

    This is the best written piece on Obamessiah I’ve ever read. No one in the main stream of America can see him for who he really is? This man is truly creepy, and Michelle is even creepier. Why is it that his motives are so transparent, yet no one can see in except for a few? Is it more creepy that so many in America want to be socialist? I used to split my vote and actually vote for the right person. This is no longer the case. The Democratic Party in our country has swerved totally Socialist. They call themselves “progressives”, or even “liberals”. The truth is, the Nancy Pelosi, Obama crowd are solidly socialist. The references to Hitler above are not far off. Obama is ariculate and poised, but he IS an inveterate liar and his truths are even more revealing. The massive redistribution of assets under Obama is frightening. The thought of chugging Red Bull and working two days just to give my hard earned money away is very creepy, but true. Thank you so much for a blog that tells it like it is.

  55. 55
    Fresh Bilge » O=0 Pinged With:
    7:34 am 

    [...] The ten creepy things about Obama reduce ultimately to the empty O. This is where the Nuremburg rally analogy fails. The swastika was a spiky, aggressive icon. What is the O? Whatever anyone wants it (or him) to be, which is ultimately nothing. Can nothingness conquer? McCain is at least Something, though not to my liking at all. Posted at 8:34 AM | | [...]

  56. 56
    Neo Said:
    7:38 am 

    I think you just listed all the reasons not to like Adolf Hilter in 1939.

  57. 57
    Webloggin - Blog Archive » The London Times calls out the New York Times for double standards Pinged With:
    7:45 am 

    [...] the fact that Obama is young and that women find him attractive (see this post too for that same point), and given the fact that he is a malignant narcissist (and narcissists in the [...]

  58. 58
    Change + Hope = Chope Said:
    8:32 am 

    Think hard about this guy. Those crazies in North Korea and Iran like him. Venezuela likes him. Hamas likes him. Castro likes him. Obama’s house was paid for by Iraqi food for oil money. He got his mortgage from the Crown family who builds bombs and ships out Maytag jobs. You think Obama brings peace? You want this guy to be America’s CIC? What if Hitler came out and said he hoped Roosevelt would win reelection? Americans would have set up a wheelchair ramp right outside the White House main door and rolled his crippled ass into traffic right there on Pennsylvania Avenue. That’s what would’ve happened. Americans don’t care as much about this country anymore. That’s why Obama is even a candidate. Him and his Goddamn America church and his flag-stomping terrorist friend who now shapes our youth’s minds. It makes me sad. It breaks my heart.

  59. 59
    News & Opinion Roundup (28 July 2008) | Democrat=Socialist Pinged With:
    8:35 am 


  60. 60
    TedL Said:
    9:06 am 

    Several Godwin’s law violations in the comment thread. Obama = Hitler? Seriously?

    Political slogans are always a little vague, and they almost always overpromise. What was “morning in America,” if not the 1980s’ version of “Change we can believe in”? It surprises you that a pol tries to be all things to as many people as possible? Have you not been watching John McCain? Just what is his position on immigration, exactly?

    Please. If you want to be against Obama because you don’t like his tax policy or his approach to defense, great! Say so. But don’t pretend to be shocked, shocked! to find politicians playing politics.

  61. 61
    Sister Toldjah Trackbacked With:
    9:13 am 

    Rick Moran’s top 10 list of things that creep him out about Obama…

    A pretty comprehensive list.  I’d add one thing to it that he only briefly touched on, and that is Obama’s tendency to treat political rallies like tent revivals.  The language both he and his wife use on the campaign trail – like “...

  62. 62
    jasperjava Said:
    9:26 am 

    What’s really creepy is right-wing racist Republican conservatives who spread their fascist fears in blog posts like this.

    “Racist” and “fascist?” Why not go for the trifecta and refer to me as Hitler?


  63. 63
    Courtney Said:
    9:27 am 

    “you will get the same equal black stare as you do when you ask “What has Obama…” this is from post #3.

    What exactly are you saying and why don’t you just say what you mean?

    Good luck to you all.

  64. 64
    creepy « Interstitial Pinged With:
    9:38 am 

    [...] Posted on July 28, 2008 by bkingr A fellow has posted a list of the top ten things that creep him out about Barack [...]

  65. 65
    Keith Said:
    9:41 am 

    Excellent list. I especially like 8, 4, 2 and 1.

    By the way, I am number 64 above. how do I do a proper trackback rather than a ping?

    Depending on your publishing platform, place this URL in the post you are tracking back. There should be something on your publishing page indicating where trackback url’s go.

  66. 66
    MJBrutus Said:
    9:47 am 

    Oh man, it’s so good to see that I’m not the only one who is creeped out by this poser. What really makes my skin crawl is the how this guy has done nothing and is somehow handed the mantle of conquering hero!

    What does his resume consist of? He led the grievance parade in Chicago for a few years, followed by an undistinguished stint in the IL senate and election by default to the US senate. During his time in these legislative bodies, he hid from any controversial vote that came down the pike. He gives a speech at the DNC convention, mouthing platitudes about there being “no White America and no Black America (platitudes because he has no intention and never had of actually removing racial preferences, set-asides and other legal distinctions the perpetuate our divisions),” and suddenly next thing you know, he’s the King of the world!

    I can’t leave without mentioning the other thing that kills me about the big O. He keeps promising to spend and spend and spend for a civilian service corps ($.5 TRILLION/yr), free health care (including for illegals), free college education (also for illegals as well), open borders (his Berlin talk about no walls), etc, etc. Has anyone in the MSM added up the price tag? Does anyone really think that we can just tax the rich and increase corporate and capital gains taxes to cover this and what it would do to our economy even if the money could be raised that way? I haven’t heard a peep from the MSM and that just creeps me out!

  67. 67
    retire05 Said:
    9:47 am 

    TedL, (#60) since you are so enlightened, why don’t you explain just exactly what the product slogan “Change we can believe in” means? While no fan of McCain’s, he does at least try to give a basis for his statements. Obama, on the other hand, gives you generalities that mean one thing; nothing.

    But then perhaps you missed the TNR article where the Obama campaign is working their tails off to prevent anyone from digging into the candidate’s past. Why would that be? Then he is running on his “judgement”. What judgement? Ayers? Wright? Rasid Khalidi? Tony Rezko?

    Senator Obama is an empty vessel. He has no record, no history of accomplishment (check his Illinois/federal Senate records), and his past is a carefully guarded secret. Why is that? And why does he refuse to do a town hall style debate with Senator McCain at Fort Hood? Or do you buy his excuses?

    I can tell you why; we have the most educated military in our history and they are not buying into his “hopey change” mantra. So he has a policy of singing only to the choir. No new members allowed.

    This candidate’s arrogance knows no limits. From the big “O” to the presidential seal to the eagle logo looking backwards. And the fawning, knee pad wearing media, who have become so leftist they can hardly stand upright, are solidly in the tank for the candidate they think will support their socialist views.

    Perhaps it would behoove you to read the article in the British press how Senator Obama promised to fund a school in his father’s native home town only to leave there, never to be heard from again. He said in his speech in Berlin that he wants to “lift up the child in Bangladesh”. Hell, the McCain’s already did that in 1991.

    But just wait, as Americans push for drilling on our own soil for gas price releif, Obama will make a hard right turn on that as well and then tell us that he was NEVER against drilling in certain areas.

    You can take that to the bank.

  68. 68
    Keith Johnsen Said:
    9:51 am 

    Very convincing, arch-conservative blog-guy. Now if only there was something in there about why I should vote for John McCain…Oh wait! Conservatives have never been able to argue that they actually had a better candidate, only that the other guy is worse for inspiring swoons from women, for example, or getting positive press. Or being very loosely affiliated with a “radical Maoist” group that no one has ever heard of. Excellent talking points, rightwingnutjob. Also, way to reclaim rightwingnutjob from the Left. You really stole our thunder.

    Pretty weak argument – that I suck because I don’t post what you want me to post on my own fricking blog? And “loosely affiliated” is a laugh. In order to get the endorsement of the New Party, Obama had to go to meetings and beg for it. The fact that he also used a half dozen or so volunteers for his state senate campaign doesn’t register on your “radical-o-meter” either I suppose.

    McCain doing something similar at an equally small white supremecist party gathering? I daresay it would all over for him.

    But trying to be logical and polite with the likes of you is a lost cause. Go back to the outer darkness from which you came.


  69. 69
    retire05 Said:
    10:08 am 

    #63; it was meant to say “you will get the same equal BLANK stare”. Sorry if you couldn’t figure that one out.

  70. 70
    Change + Hope = Chope Said:
    10:09 am 

    It is pretty obvious that Obama is running as a cult of personality fascist leader and not as a politician. He has named a post office and sent tax dollars to the Congo in his year at the Senate. As a politician, he’s amateur league. That’s why he’s trying to run on his “character” alone. He has no policy that won’t be expediently tossed aside depending on the whim of public opinion. His supporters continue to make excuses for him, but there is no escaping that he is willing to say or do anything to get elected and shows a shocking lack of judgment or scruples. He’s a dead ringer for Mussolini, too, since Hitler makes our “progressive” friends cranky.

  71. 71
    Public Secrets: from the files of the Irishspy Trackbacked With:
    11:00 am 


    Rick Moran of Rightwing Nuthouse has posted his list of the Top Ten Things about the Prophet Barack that creep him out. I share most of them to one degree or another, but this one really rang my bell: It…

  72. 72
    Jack D Said:
    11:17 am 

    As a fairly conservitive person I am in a constant state of disbelief by the bloggers on our side. I would like to see people promoting the best candidate, and the prominent aspects of the candidates. This constan middle school sniping, as if we were 12 year old girls is truly discouraging. I am still looking for a reason to vote for McCain. Can anyone give me a reason, and do not vote for Obama is not good enough. I may be in disagreement with some of Obama’s policy issues, but I will not submit to the constant negativity of my party. I am sure he is a good person.

    1. Grow up.

    2. “Sniping” as you call it is what blogs do sometimes. I can be just as rational and analytical as anyone and have proved it numerous times. But on occassion, I like to break the boredom up with posts like this one – half tongue in cheek, half serious examination of something that you obviously know nothing about – that is, the American people’s demonstrated lack of confidence in Obama to serve as president. Why is that? Why is Obama only slightly ahead of a weak republican candidate who is too old to be president? He should be 20 points ahead and instead is well within striking distance for McCain.

    One answer to that question is that Obama creeps a lot of people out. His radical associations, the press grovelling at his feet, the swooning supporters – all of this is legitimate fare to examine and criticize – and to be wary of. Whether he is a “good” person is open to debate. And since all of you 12 year olds out there want to stifle debate because you can’t stand the back and forth – just like a 12 year old wishes their parents would stop arguing all the time – perhaps you and people like you (see above) should just sit on the sidelines and let the adults debate the issues. You don’t want a debate. You want a love fest. For that, I suggest North Korea. Or perhaps Cuba where debate is not allowed.


  73. 73
    John Said:
    11:26 am 

    If you read some of the paranoid ravings here, and that’s what they are with comparisons with Hitler/Mussolini etc., you can can see why the GOP is going to be out of power for years. We’ve lost touch with reality. We may not like the fact that the Dems have got an incredibly bright, articulate, graceful and, yes the word is cool, candidate but they have. At one point I was expecting this to be a close race despite the overall landscape which favors the dems but I’m starting to change my mind. It’s going to be a blowout for this guy. McCain’s performance this past week was about as UN-presidential as it could be while Obama’s was basically masterly. We’re kidding ourselves if we think the great majority of Americans don’t want their leaders to be respected and liked abroad. Kennedy has assumed almost mythic status because of his global popularity. Rick can post these schoolyard lists which get applause from the pj crowd but this is not where the real political world is 2008. Until we recognize we’ve got a problem and start growing up I see the wilderness stretching ahead for years. Sorry.

  74. 74
    Scott Said:
    11:34 am 

    All of this hubris will be reach the top when “The Chosen One” states that he will not select a VP candidate. “When you have me, you need no one else.”

  75. 75
    Megan Rue Said:
    11:40 am 

    I enjoy reading your articles too Rick. I don’t know why because I am on the other side, except for the fact that you are a very good writer. Thanks.

  76. 76
    DBO Said:
    11:56 am 

    So it seems to me that there are very few people actually happy with the two nominees. Is our system broken? How could we come up with candidates that the majority of Americans are, at best, tolerating?

    I am also in the boat of voting for McCain only to keep Obama out of office. He has no experience and I have zero confidence in his ability as CIC when he has been trying to lead us to defeat since the very beginning of the war on terror.

    McCain has many scary aspects too. I HATE, repeat HATE his immigration stance. Him being from Arizona I am shocked that he can’t see what it has done to his constituancy. I visit southern California every year (kids… S. Cal = Disneyland) and there are now officially more billboards / signs in spanish than in english. Even the McDonalds menu was in spanish. I feel like I’m not even in America anymore. Makes me sad.

    But anyway… I digress. There has always been talk of third party candidates, but everyone feels like it is a wasted vote. I feel like if ever there was a time for a third party, this is it. Sadly, I don’t know how much traction a person could get with the media being in the tank for the Big O, but seems to me like its past time to start thinking outside the Republican/Democrat box.

  77. 77
    filmex Said:
    11:57 am 

    Reasons McCain Creeps Me Out

    1. He sat there and told George S. on Sunday that we WERE greeted as liberators in Iraq. yikes

    2. When he and Poppy Bush rode up in that golf cart, it was Poppy that looked like McSame’s son.

    3. When he tried to talk groceries in that dairy aisle last week, he had to double check his index card to make sure he knew the price of a gallon of milk, shades of Pre-Alzheimer’s Reagan and his infamous index cards.

    4. McSame questions Obama’s judgment after having now adopted both his Afghanistan and 16-month Iraq exit strategy.

    5. After a week of gaffes and mistruths, McSame finds no unintentional humor in greeting the press in front of the Fudge Haus.

    6. McSame refers to his mountain mansion, his Kehlsteinhaus, as being in Cottonwood when every Arizona resident knows it is actually in Sedona. But McSame “the populist” would rather be identified as living in L.A. as opposed to Bel Air.

    7. McSame told George S. that Iraq PM Maliki doesn’t really want us out in 16 months. John knows this because he knows Maliki so very well, a guy who has sandbagged him twice in 3 weeks. Yeah, he and Maliki are Maverick and Iceman.

    8. McSame said we can only now send more troops to Afghanistan because of the success of the surge. He’s also the guy that probably believed he couldn’t send his wife more flowers while his mistress was draining him dry.

    9. He creeped out George S. and gave anyone watching a migraine as he tried to parse his way through an answer regarding gay adoption. It came down to he believes in two parent families, which represents “family values”. WTF!

    10. The POW experience he hates to talk about he now talks about continuously, only he changes the details (Green Bay Packers/Pittsburgh Steelers etc.) depending on the city he is in. Aides are going crazy trying to get him to remember if he tells that story in Phoenix, he’ll remember the Cardinals were in St. Louis back then.

  78. 78
    jambrowski Said:
    11:58 am 

    funny thing is the so called horrible last week for McCain, was entirely contrived, the only thing the msm did on him was negatives, otherwise it was the msm version of ostracizing. if you want to see something funny, look at yahoo’s front page, everyday for at least the last month they have only posted or linked to some negative thing/aspect about mccain’s campaign. it really is not mccain vs. obama it mccain vs. the obama msm machine.
    seriously if you want to talk about real life fascist tactics look at the fairness act, how else can you view that? if people want to listen to Rush, they should be able to, if they want to listen to NPR (National Communist Radio) then they should be able to, free country right? it is much like the television, if you don’t like it, turn the fu$#ing channel, as for you leftards that want to come on this blog and attack us for speaking our minds, fu$%ing turn the channel, i don’t go to the puffington post or kos and complain about all the made up sh!t y’all put on their now do i… get bent leftards!

  79. 79
    Son of Bill Brasky Said:
    11:58 am 

    Does Obama receive more news coverage? sure. Does Obama deserve more news coverage. Hell yes. Case and point: Barack Obama delivers a speech in Berlin, Germany in front of 200,000 spectators. At the same time John McCain has lunch in a German restaurant Berlin, Pa. Which is more news worthy??? It’s not that hard to comprehend. The fact of the matter is Barack Obama is exciting and IS news. John McCain.. in a million years.. could NEVER get 200,000 people to watch him do ANYTHING.

  80. 80
    Jack D Said:
    12:02 pm 

    We are a little touchy. I asked a few simple questions and made a fairly obvious statement.

    1. I am told to grow up.

    I will be affected by a tax increase unlike many of the people on this site.

    2. Sniping

    You simply state that is what blogs do. Does that make it an effect medium? NO. I will thank you for posting that our candidate is weak though. I am sure the final election spread will be within 5 points, but the electoral spread will be in excess of 60 points. That is why a reasonable and intelligent arguement has to be expanded on.

    3, The Press issue.

    This is simple. The man is simply more engaging, younger, newer ideas (some wrong).

    Nobody is trying to stifle debate. We would be better served to engage in a debate on issues and relevant matters.

    I will say that attacks on a man’s wife are unwarranted and disturbing.

  81. 81 Blog » Blog Archive » Creep Out Pinged With:
    12:12 pm 

    [...] …… from the Right Wing Nuthouse [...]

  82. 82
    Never Yet Melted » He Creeps Me Out, Too Pinged With:
    12:18 pm 

    [...] totally creeps out Rick Moran. By JDZ Feedbacks on this entry via RSS 2.0 Please leave a Comment or discuss via Trackback! [...]

  83. 83
    Charlie G Said:
    12:35 pm 

    Funny article. I thought of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers parallel several months ago. Have kept looking in my garage for pods, just in case. I have one other observation, however. Yes, Obama is thin, and while Hillary is not overweight, several newscasters mentioned that they thought she had a fat butt. Has anyone noticed Obama standing in profile, with his suit jacket off? Now that is one bulbous fat bottom. Barack, I would suggest lipo.

  84. 84
    Buddy Saleeby Said:
    12:37 pm 

    Do you really want to get creeped out?

    Imagine Berlin’s crowd and reaction
    _if McCain should have elected
    __to give his standard (thrilling!) stump speech at the Victory Column
    _____(in front of thirty-three cheering fans, of course.)

    Will the anti-Obama semi-racists not concede a single point in Obama’s favor, in their frenzy to twist the election outcome in their favor ?

    Blindness carries it’s own sort of shame.

    “Semi-racist?” I suppose that’s an improvement but isn’t that sort of like being a “semi-fascist” or better yet, “semi-feminist?” Not very sure of yourself, are ya son. It’s like you can’t quite nerve yourself to go all the way and mindlessly echo the namecalling of your ideological brothers and sisters. I think that makes you a coward – which gives a whole new meaning to your “shame” critique, yes?


  85. 85
    retire05 Said:
    12:38 pm 

    Son of Bill Brasky;

    so you think you are one of the few who will be affected by Obama’s tax hikes? Just how far do you allow your arrogance to take you? And you think that because Obama can blitz German with tons of flyers and free press and he draws 200,000 people that makes him extraordinary? And because John McCain was trying to interact with AMERICANS that makes in inordinary?

    Excuse me, but I think I prefer a candidate that cares more about giving speeches to the citizens of his own nation than recreating an event reminiscent of Nazi Germany. If you are so damned impressed with the opinions of the German citizens, perhaps you would be happy to live there?

    And since you tout your high income, and seem to be leaning left, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and donate half your income to the IRS in my name so I don’t have to? But alas, it seems that as liberals want higher taxes, they want higher taxes for everyone else.

    The difference beteen conservatives and liberals? A conservative will dig his hand in his pocket, pull out a $5 bill and give it to charity. A liberal will do the same, only it will be the conservative’s pocket the liberal digs his hand into.

  86. 86
    Humanrace Said:
    12:39 pm 

    Bless you for putting your thoughts out there.

  87. 87
    Michaelangelonio Said:
    12:58 pm 

    The PLAYSKOOL PRESIDENTIAL SEAL is the creepy fascist totem of my lifetime!

  88. 88
    jambrowski Said:
    1:36 pm 

    of all places to find good news for mccain
    usatoday has him up by four over likely voters…
    hmmm, bouncy not go bouncy dad

  89. 89
    jack rogers Said:
    1:58 pm 

    I, too, might find some things creepy about Obama. Regardless of this, he’ll get my vote in November for one glaring reason—he’s a Democrat. One all-encompassing fact creeps me out enough to not vote for McCain—he’s a Republican. Nuff said.

  90. 90
    nikkolai Said:
    2:34 pm 

    jack rogers’ vote cancels out yours. Not good.

  91. 91
    Barry Said:
    2:47 pm 

    The 10 things that creep me out about the prospect of another Republican dictatorship …er.. “presidency”

    10. Compulsory Christmas observences overseen by the Department of Homeland Christianity

    9. It costs $29 for a McDonald’s hamburger and they still can’t manage leave off the pickles when asked

    8. There’s a 70-foot-tall fence along the Mexican border, with lasers and heat-seaking missles, but crumbling roads, bridges and water systems in the rest of the country

    7. The naming rights to the Washington Monument are sold off to either Wal-Mart or the Saudis to narrow the $500-billion budget deficit—oh wait, Republicans don’t care about the deficit, so that won’t happen. Whew!

    6. The NRA successfully implements its “Blame the Victim” lobbying strategy, getting a law passed that enables the prosecution of anyone who was shot by A) a disgruntled co-worker, B) a crazy ex-boyfriend, C) that 16-year-old gang banger on the next block or D) a random, psychotic loner who quit taking his meds for not carrying a gun, allowing himself or herself to be ambushed and not returning fire.

    5. The Artic National Wildlife Refuge is reduced to the snow patch in front of Exxon’s new “McCain/Valdez Memorical Artic Drilling Headquarters and Dick Cheney Polar Bear Hunting Resort”

    4. Only the children of the wealthy, who have education insurance, are allowed to attend schools, conveniently and patriotically doing away with public/”socialized” education.

    3. Liberals and other America-hating free thinkers—those being anyone who remotely disagrees with the Republican Establishment or Rush Limbaugh—are forced to wear identifying black arm bands in public at all times.

    2. Discussion of dinosaurs in schools is permitted only in Science Debunking class—and then only with the written permission of one’s pastor, minister or other accredited theo-scientician.

    1. Sean Hannity is appointed czar of the Office of National Morality and Patriotism.

  92. 92
    Conservatism Today Trackbacked With:
    3:05 pm 

    Obama Creeps Him Out…

    Rick Moran of Right Wing Nut House has a wonderful post entitled, Top Ten Things That Creep Me Out About Obama. I’ll highlight a couple of my favorites, and then let you go to his site to check out the…

  93. 93
    Meet the Press Transcript /Brokaw and Obama - and Someone writes a top 10 list of “Things that Creep Me Out About Obama” : NO QUARTER Pinged With:
    3:20 pm 

    [...] rightwingnuthouse, Rick Moran has a humorous and yet fair list of the “Top Ten Things that Creep Me Out About Obama.” [...]

  94. 94
    Californio Said:
    4:29 pm 

    Companeros! Nothing about Ob_ma, may his name be praised, creeps me out. Indeed – my heart soars when I read the posts above who rail against “scrub” and “poppy Bush” et al. Those useful tools will lay the groundwork for a political climate that BushCo et al would never even dare to hope for. Why? Because in Ob_ma lies the seed of where America needs to be – a united country that, through the Obama years, will lay the foundations of a state-triumphant country that will metaphorically be sitting at the curb, idling, waiting for a true American Champion to slide into the drivers’ seat and roar off to world domination. Remember – they are not going to “let” you not serve – and what nobler service then military service? They will “heal the planet” and why should foreigners not take up the cause? Remember – we will apply the Constitution to all – whether “enemy combatant” or merely citizen of a foreign country with no nexus at all to the USA - again , with our noble military enforcing these rights – everywhere in the world (like it or not).

    Listen to “California, Uber Alles” by the Dead Kennedys – your future in a nutshell.

  95. 95
    Californio Said:
    4:41 pm 

    Yeah Yeah Yeah! Vote for OBama – he ain’t an evil republicant. Thems make you do what you dont wanna – they tells ya how to live – they will not allow you to go back to your uninvolved lives (er, oops thats OBama’s wifey) ; republicants has a messiah complex and want to force you to believe in their mythical Jesus who could only heal peoples one at a time, unilke OBama – who can heal the hole planet at once! Yep – Obamas prescidential – didnt you see his seal? And he can speak clearly – unilke Shrub! – Uh, yeah – he is clearly saying he envisions a new country built around a cult of personality – HIS - but…...uh…he aint no republicant yeah! And non-Christians will be safe at last from the suicide bombings and pograms that have characterized the…um…uh. Ok. So we haven’t had anything like that – but we could! Any second! At the drop of a HAT Oh, and Obama will not play upon FEAR - except when winking at our IMMINENT TAKEOVER BY THE FASCIST CHRISTIAN REICHT WING - behind YOU! phew that was close!

  96. 96
    No Runny Eggs » Blog Archive » The Morni…er, Afternoon Scramble - 7/28/2008 Pinged With:
    5:09 pm 

    [...] Rick Moran lists the top ten things about Obama that creep him out. [...]

  97. 97
    Top 10 Things that Creep Me Out about Obama « 4 Hillary Pinged With:
    6:15 pm 

    [...] [...]

  98. 98
    Jersey girrl Said:
    9:41 pm 

    Brilliant. Thanks for putting this so rationally and yet emotively. “Creeps out” is exactly right. This needs to be circulated!

  99. 99
    JDM Said:
    10:25 pm 

    #42 from Wary above, rings a bell with me. It’s all about symbolism. New Age crap that we are seeing all the time. But dont recognize as such. Think about circles within triangles, or the reverse…We see it every day, and dont recognize it.
    Think I am kidding? The true followers of the New Age know this to be true. And it looks like b heussain has at least a couple of followers in his advertising/art payrole camp.

  100. 100
    bobwire Said:
    2:38 am 

    Part boilerplate, part madlib. Rick is the man! And are we not now better people for having visited?
    The next president will inherit a record budget deficit of $482 billion.

    Vietnam was cheaper.

  101. 101
    jesus healing power Pinged With:
    4:50 am 

    [...] left would put me on the couch and matter of factly inform me that I am suffering from ???The White knights The Wichita Eagle THEY MAY NOT CARRY SWORDS, BUT KNIGHTS REMAIN ACTIVE IN THE [...]

  102. 102
    Woebegonslug Said:
    6:22 am 

    What I find interesting about the liberals who post here is that they are so totally ignorant. For example number 91 above is out of touch and just plain wrong. That individual has not researched the facts and has no basis for his wild accusations and conclusions. The ten creepiest things about Obama is well thought out and based in fact. There is a certain irony in the blog that strikes home with many of us. Most liberals resort to ridiculous accusations, conclusions and name calling simply because their arguments completely dissolve in a puff of inanities at the first challenge with facts.

  103. 103
    The Obama List « Obi’s Sister Pinged With:
    7:12 am 

    [...] Rick Moran has his own list. [...]

  104. 104
    THE CREEPY MESSIAH « Texas Hold ‘Em Blogger Pinged With:
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    [...] Comments Rick Moran lists the Top Ten things about Barack Hussein Obama that creep him out at both Right Wing Nut House and The American [...]

  105. 105
    Wary Said:
    9:24 pm 

    #99 from JDM. Good points.

    And for me the most amazing thing is that Obama does all this this ‘stuff’ in plain sight. It’s like he’s covered in Teflon, nothing sticks to him.

    If any Republican candidate had a hidden logo on their website like this that subliminally appeared when you went from web page to web page.

    Or more clearly looks like this

    You know that the MSM would have a field day.

    But with Obama. Nothing. Why?

    For those who missed the details, look here

  106. 106
    zeph Said:
    5:04 am 
    1. 100 bobwire said:
      The next president will inherit a record budget deficit of $482 billion.
      And if that happens to be Obamessiah, he will turn it into a $20 Trillion+ deficit, implementing his UN funding and feeding the global poor bupkis.CHANGE!
  107. 107
    What Do You Tell the Demons? : Stop The ACLU Pinged With:
    4:08 pm 

    [...] Moran at Right Wing Nut House a few days ago placed an article up entitled, “TOP TEN THINGS THAT CREEP ME OUT ABOUT [...]

  108. 108
    Norm Said:
    7:27 pm 

    Creeps! He gives me the creeps.
    Well said my friend. Snooper has added to you list which can be seen here:
    And I give an introductory to the above site here:

    But let me repeat what I’ve said before,
    “From the first time I heard about the boogey-man as a child to the first time I got shot at in Vietnam, nothing in my entire lifetime, THAT’S NOTHING! has put more fear into me than this man Obama, nothing!”

    I hope who ever reads that, it makes them feel creepy.

  109. 109
    Top Ten Things that Creep Me Out About Obama « Don’t Get Me Started… Pinged With:
    10:32 pm 

    [...] LINK: [...]

  110. 110
    What Will You Say To The Demons | Grizzly Groundswell Pinged With:
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    [...] Moran at Right Wing Nut House a few days ago placed an article up entitled, “TOP TEN THINGS THAT CREEP ME OUT ABOUT [...]

  111. 111
    Things I Haven’t Blogged About That You Should Read | bRight & Early Pinged With:
    6:43 am 

    [...] Moran dares utter the TOP TEN THINGS THAT CREEP ME OUT ABOUT OBAMA. A dead on list that gives me (and should give others) the full body [...]

  112. 112
    sknabt Said:
    6:56 am 

    Thanks for keeping your latest anti-Obama rant to 10 things. ;)

  113. 113
    Michael B. Said:
    2:48 pm 

    Read a Krauthammer post and loved this quote: “has there ever been a presidential nominee with a wider gap between his estimation of himself and the sum total of his lifetime achievements?”

    He nailed it… this, in spades, is what creeps me out the most about Obama.

  114. 114
    Louis Wheeler Said:
    11:59 pm 

    The thing that creeps out most Republicans is that they feel so weak now. Mostly, this is the Republican Party leadership’s fault for abandoning the social conservatives in 2004. This led to the Conservatives ro abandon the Republican Party in 2006, thus, handing the Democrats the leadership of Congress. But, that merely gave us a gridlocked Congress that hasn’t done much for either side. The best that the Republicans can hope for, now, is more gridlock with McCain and that is a depressing thought.

    Then along comes Barack Obama who carries the specter of gaining the Presidency and, on his coattails, giving the Democrats a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. That is not just depressing, but frightening.

    Obama has announced plans to eliminate the Bush Tax cuts as soon as possible which would lead to the much talked about recession we haven’t seen yet. He has enough programs and plans for increased taxes in the offing to extend that repression for as long as he is in office.

    The four Leftist justices on the Supreme Court will immediately retire and be replaced by 35 year olds even farther to the left. With their help, Obama is likely to promote wrongheaded social programs which will subvert the US Constitution and gather power to the federal government.

    The cost of the federal government is currently about 20% of GDP. I expect that to mushroom even while our military is savagely cut.

    The size of the Federal Register of regulations will balloon again after a decline of almost a third during the Bush administration. This will increase the cost of doing business during a recession. Talk about your lost jobs.

    Taxes will go up, the cost of doing business will go up, unemployment will go up as the size of the Federal Government increases. The economy will go into the toilet. Wealth will flee from America as it becomes economically sick. I wouldn’t be surprised at a repeat of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff act.

    Therefore, as America become weaker and Social Democratic like Europe, the more Europe will love us. But it won’t keep the Muslims from trying to kill us.

    But is all this bad? No. Some people won’t learn except through bad experiences. Partly, that is because the Mainstream Media and the educational establishment constantly lies to the public to confuse them.

    Mainly, it is that, in the last thirty years, we have had too few administrations where the Presidency and the Congress were held by the Democrats. The electorate no longer remembers how disastrous a Democrat Party majority is. We Conservatives haven’t been successful in pinning the tail of failure on the donkey, because the Democrats go out of office just in time to give the Republicans the blame for the recessions they cause.

    But, if Obama wins and gets his majority in Congress, then all the blame will finally come down on the Democrats. That is a foul medicine for either side to swallow.

    I hope that the electorate is wise enough to opt for gridlock again. If it does not, and elects Obama, then, at least, the Republican leadership will be repudiated like it was in 1976. The leadership must began again and a new Conservative base will emerge in the ensuing economic and social debacle which Obama will cause.

    I do not believe that Obama has enough power or influence to subvert the Constitution. He can’t use a fire at the House of Representatives as an excuse to take over dictatorial powers, because that has already been done. He can’t confiscate our weapons, we have too many of them. The Military is unlikely to play along with Obama in a Coup d’ Tat. Obama looks like a failed one-term Presidency, a la Jimmy Carter.

    I hope he doesn’t get too many Americans killed, though.

  115. 115
    The Lasso of Truth Trackbacked With:
    11:29 am 

    And the skinniness of the Cryptkeeper…...

    Rick Moran examines the multitude of creepiness factors, surrounding the slick charmster…TOP TEN THINGS THAT CREEP ME OUT ABOUT OBAMA 10. It creeps me out that whenever Obama makes an appearance, the rain stops falling and the sun comes out….

  116. 116
    Stphdys Said:
    12:26 pm 

    You guys are idiots with that meshia crap that the media John McCain, and Hillary said you want’ted. To get to know Obama and when they run it into the ground to give you idiots anothe talking point that’s actually of the point you think that you can debate some one. I would waste the space on the comment bar!

    Huh? Could someone with half a brain please decipher for me. I don’t read stupid.


  117. 117
    The Obama hypocrisy « Earthquakecity’s Weblog Pinged With:
    3:11 am 

    [...] it is not comforting at all to recall the words of his pesky and interfering wife: Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand [...]

  118. 118
    Right Wing Nut House » OBAMA IS NOT A SOCIALIST Pinged With:
    10:06 am 

    [...] have written frequently about Obama’s connection with the New Party including  here and here as well as several posts at The American Thinker. (See also Tom Lifson’s excellent post [...]

  119. 119
    Unbiased view Said:
    10:41 am 

    I can’t believe that you don’t see why women swoon over Obama, the News loves everything about him, and everyone believes what he says. Everyone believes what he says because he actually has caused changed and did every one of his promises while in the Senate. The news loves him because he is at a minimum of 10x better than McCain and Palin combined, so that the only UNBIASED view of Obama compared to McCain is amazing. Women swoon over Obama because he is actually telling them what they want to here and he will actually work towards what he says.

    Oh and he is damn sexy.

  120. 120
    Unbiased view Said:
    10:42 am 

    I can’t believe that you don’t see why women swoon over Obama, the News loves everything about him, and everyone believes what he says. Everyone believes what he says because he actually has caused changed and did every one of his promises while in the Senate. The news loves him because he is at a minimum of 10x better than McCain and Palin combined, so that the only UNBIASED view of Obama compared to McCain is amazing. Women swoon over Obama because he is actually telling them what they want to here and he will actually work towards what he says.

    Oh and he is damn sexy.

    That last sentence is a view that would just show you why it is not unbiased.

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