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It is modern idea that one can controll where people want leave. YOu can control your borders if you send everyone of your subjects into prison which will deny the new aliens mode of survival. People is like floods no nation succeeded to find 100% flood prove dams but what they learned to controll the flood damages to cities and to people.
The government and pro and contre immigration people wasted valuable time and money by simpley by doing nothing. They offered short term remedies which will they will revisit decade from now.
The remedy to the immigration problem is to manage it proportional to labour needs of the nation and offer some insentives for the illegal immigrants to come. The government should penalise business who hire illegal workers and should encourage those who want legalise their illegal workers.

Migration is in our blood and no one can stop someone from the promiseland. This is matter of survival.

Comment Posted By A. Mohamed On 4.05.2006 @ 22:11

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