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Typical response to level-headed arguments from most righties--insults and water balloons. Where's the beef, Rick?

Comment Posted By ACW On 10.05.2006 @ 11:19

As for your argument about the "enemy" using the left's arguments, maybe those arguments are well reasoned and stand up to logic and common sense. Shrub's policies and arguments for said policies are in tatters, yet you keep blathering about the same thing.

Comment Posted By ACW On 10.05.2006 @ 10:51

" The collapse of these structures is particularly significant
in that, prior to these events, no protected steel-frame structure, the most common form of large commercial
construction in the United States, had ever experienced a fire-induced collapse. Thus, these events may
highlight new building vulnerabilities, not previously believed to exist."
I would think that scientists might have looked into something that surely couldn't have happened a little more thouroughly than these hacks did. The thousands of independent scientists who have looked at the problem are convinced that building was brought down with explosives.

Comment Posted By ACW On 10.05.2006 @ 10:45

So what happened to WTC7, smartypants? The only "loons" are people like you, who refuse to face the possibility that the official story is the conspiracy theory.

Comment Posted By ACW On 10.05.2006 @ 10:05

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