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"The insurgents are not concerned with anything except making headlines in American newspapers in order to convince the American people that our stated goal of bringing stability to that country is failing. The only possible way they can win is if we leave."

Congratulations on noticing that. Most people think that they are fighting us simply because they are Islamist nutjobs who hate America. There is a method to their madness and you got it right.

Comment Posted By AHS MilBlogger On 16.05.2005 @ 08:36


The notion that a General or even a field grade officer would be privvy to this stuff occuring is highly unlikely. The idea that intelligence personnel would delegate the task of demeaning prisoners to ARNG MPs, to "soften them up", is even stupider. However, something is wrong if the only people convicted are junior enlisted soldiers. Where were their supervisors? Something beaten into the head of every leader, from ROTC until commissioning, and beyond, is that, as a leader, you are responsible for everything your unit does or fails to do - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Comment Posted By AHS MilBlogger On 24.04.2005 @ 05:54

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