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"Ignored" is a strong term. I don't like Bill Clinton, but I highly doubt that he "ignored" any threat of aggression. I also happen to think that Gorelick is hot!

Comment Posted By AMC On 18.08.2005 @ 22:56


I am an engineer but I find that the more that I learned in the field of science and mathematics, the more that I realized that I am ignorant and fairly insignificant which causes me to look to a higher power.

Comment Posted By AMC On 6.08.2005 @ 20:26


Actually, when I say "poor" treatment, I mean those that were treated like General Mowhoush, not those who have to go without airconditiong for a while or those who are humiliated by being called homosexuals or getting a lapdance or having to wear panties on their head (all in a good day at the gentlemen's club if you ask me).

Comment Posted By AMC On 4.08.2005 @ 15:58

"Iraq is a disaster, our country’s name is a disaster, the president’s credibility is a disaster. What else to you need to understand that it was wrong to invade Iraq?"

How is this not post-hoc reasoning? Many people, including people in the media would like to make failure in Iraq a self-fulfilling prophesy. That said, the legitimacy of the invasion has NOTHING to do with the treatment of illegal combatants (unless of course you believe that America is inherintly bad). Why many have taken this sort of "we are treating combatants awfully, therefore the invasion is not justified" argument can only be attributed to moral relativism. I can go on and on about how a democratic Iraq deals a crushing blow to the neo-Ottomans and what doubts I have currently about the course of Iraq (I fear another theocracy), but the point that I want to make is that I am sick of people trying to use the poor (an absolute term) treatment of foreign fighters to bolster the anti-war movement.

I have concerns about the treatment of these fighters, not as prisoners of war (i don't think that they are, technically), but as humans. I will, however, always think that the invasion of Iraq was justified in that it helps to bring the caliphate out of reach of these 9th century thugs.

Comment Posted By AMC On 4.08.2005 @ 15:49


The problem with Clinton's perjury is that he was in charge of the branch of government most responsible for enforcing the law. It could be argued that those who do not follow the same laws that they are charged to enforce are not only hypocrites, but trod on the path of despotism.

Comment Posted By AMC On 3.08.2005 @ 17:54

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