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Great piece, and spot on!

The battle for liberty and freedom marches on. I'm guessing the moonbats you mention have always been around. Keep up the good fight!

Comment Posted By ARROW On 4.07.2005 @ 22:51


The war in Iraq was undertaken for a number of reasons, including the numerous reasons spread throughout the 21 separate preamble paragraphs in the “Joint Resolution To authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against Iraq.” At the time, it seems like there was quite a bit of discussion about U.N. Resolutions that had been broken or ignored by Iraq (with the obvious implication they we could no longer ignore rouge states that posed WMD threats). Obviously, the connections to terrorists are even stronger now. I think the President’s speech was great, and hit the mark.

Regarding “The Torture Speech,” I am in favor of ending the torture speech by the liberals. Their desperate attempts to score political points with certain elements of their base ( comes to mind) is apparent. And it is getting old!

I think the president should announce that he will be returning all of the “detainees” to their country of capture, put them all in airplanes, and set them free at 20,000 feet once the planes are over the detainee’s “homeland.” Problem solved! Obviously not going to happen, but it gives you some idea of how sick I am of an issue where terrorist scumbags are treated with “kid gloves,” and America (and the U.S. military) is given a black eye for its trouble.

Comment Posted By ARROW On 30.06.2005 @ 00:38

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