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You're not the only one who's worried.

I was reflecting recently about all this, and it occurred to me that the leaders of my church (LDS) have been preaching all my life that we should avoid debt like the plague. A few years back, I finally took them seriously, and quit using credit cards and we paid off our home.

But the government has been luring people, especially young couples into assuming huges debts for houses bigger than I could ever afford. And now they're defaulting in droves, the banks who bought those mortgages are tanking, and the government is trying to fill the empty hole in the economy with borrowed money. We have too many sophisticated terms for debt and too many sophisticated ways of making money through borrowing. There has always been a safe point in this game, but I think that we blew past it quite a way back.

We have built a house of cards and the wind is blowing.

Great piece, Mr. Moran, even if it does leave me with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Comment Posted By AST On 17.02.2009 @ 18:41


This is a pattern. They start fights and then plead for ceasefires. I realize that Israel isn't equipped to take on Syria and Iran, but the rest of the world needs to recognize what's going on and come up with a strategy to deal with this tactic, and lay it at the doorstep of Iran. If we don't work to isolate Iran and cut off the aid going to Syria and various terrorists, we're headed for real world war. China and Russia ought to know it, and consider whether that's really what they want.

Comment Posted By AST On 23.07.2006 @ 15:37


What's really silly about all this is trying to blame the problem only on Bush and not on the Clinton administration as well. Who was responsible for Bin Laden's belief that we could be attacked with impunity?

The government failed us, regardless of who the president was. The presence or absence of WMD in Iraq is only of interest to the people who have some kind of need to denounce Bush. I never thought that WMD stockpiles were the reason for going to war. What WAS the reason was Saddam's refusal to be transparent about WMD. He threw out U.N. inspectors, in what now seems to be a stunt to sucker the U.S. Too bad for him that the result wasn't just embarrassment for us at the U.N. and the dropping of sanctions.

There were plenty of reasons for removing Saddam just on general principles, but the strategic value of doing so in the greater war against Islamist terrorism has been perversely ignored.

Comment Posted By AST On 18.05.2006 @ 19:56


Here's my proposal. If we're sure they're terrorists, don't take prisoners. Kill them where they stand.

No prisoners, no secret detention, no torture.

They're illegal combatants.

Nobody can say publicly how much useful intelligence we've gotten from them, but whatever it is, it isn't worth all this trouble. If they want to be martyrs so badly, we should accommodate them.

Comment Posted By AST On 2.11.2005 @ 17:54

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