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You give your version of the events. You are wrong. There is plenty that Rick and others have proven to show Joe Wilson was a liar and things happened as Rick and others have laid out. Just because you wish this to be story-telling and false, face it Tano, you have nothing but lies to base your beliefs on. I love it when you lefties come on here because I get to laugh more at your frustrated attempts at spin.

Face it Tano, Rick has done circles around you and exposed you for your intellectual sophmorism. :-)

Keep reading Rick though. You will definately learn something. You might one day see the truth when you get over your bitterness.

Comment Posted By Adrienne On 7.03.2007 @ 18:04


Mitt Romney is a good man and there is no legitimate thing he has done to point towards and say he would be a bad Presidential Candidate. If we as Americans have to have some type of litmus test of what your faith is and what you believe religiously before you get to be President, I am afraid of our future. Shouldnt someone's record as Governor of Massachusets be enough to judge someone on?

Comment Posted By Adrienne On 29.01.2007 @ 14:01


My favorite is YOUR BLOG! :-)

Rightwingnuthouse is seriously the only place I have found to be both entertaining and smart. I have so much frustration about the media in general. There is so much crap out there that people listen to and believe. No one is there to challenge it besides the good people who run these blogs. I find your blog the best and cant wait to read it everyday!

Comment Posted By Adrienne On 4.11.2005 @ 12:40


I think that "Baldy" is dead. I watched Monday night's episode again last night and too a good hard look at the 2 bald men with Marwan and neither of them resembled the Baldy that Curtis took out. Sorry, your bald friend is indeed dead.

And I can appreciate the implausibility of this show. Sometimes the connections between TV and reality can hit too close to home (specifically I recall the "3 nameless middle-eastern countries" that Palmer almost declared war on, just weeks after Pres. Bush's "axis of evil" comments in his State of the Union). Keeping it implausible also makes sure the government keeps it's own secrets secure. Otherwise, now we all know how to damage and tracking device on the football so we can make our escape undetected.

Comment Posted By Adrienne On 14.04.2005 @ 08:00


Correction: the "merc" as you call her did not kill the "real pilot." Anderson killed the real pilot just before stuffing him in a the trunk of the car and snapping off his finger. Remember, right before plugging him Anderson tells the pilot that his family is dead.

Comment Posted By Adrienne On 5.04.2005 @ 14:25

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