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I could not tear my eyes off of the news sources during the entire Katrina disaster. I reacted with absolute horror as day after day passed with no help. The thing you are unable to grasp about the vast majority of American "lefties" is that we fervently wish that we could trust the Bush administration and that the things that Bush says were true. This is part of the idealism of the liberal, to dream of a more open and honest governmnent.
Nothing turns my stomache more than to watch people die as Homeland Security blocks the Red Cross from reaching dying people, or FEMA stops WalMart from delivering water.
That outrage turned to anger and I found myself spouting an unprecedented amount of criticism of FEMA and Homeland Security and Bush's horrendous appointees everywhere and anywhere that anyone would listen to me. I was filled with rage, and this was not a pleasant feeling. I do not enjoy feeling rage at watching the unbelievably inept government response to Katrina.

I very much appreciate your site, and I especially appreciate the Katrina timeline of events. That must have taken a long time. Don't let your conservative paranoia cause you to accuse idealistic liberals of being sadists.

Comment Posted By Alex Wall On 11.09.2005 @ 22:32

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