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Actually, it isn't that big a deal and I don't understand why the US is dragging its feet so much. Unless he knows something about the CIA that the US government doesn't want Castro to know... You see, Venezuelan law is funny and because Posada Carriles is 77 years old he can't go to jail. His maximum sentence is 4 years served either in a Police Station or in a place of his choosing (an apartment or a Hotel). So, the US can hand him to Venezuela and keep an eye on him, if Venezuela turns him over to Cuba it would be illegal (Venezuela can't extradite to countries with death penalty). He wasn't convicted, by the way, he was tried in a military court that said he was innocent, this ruling was suspiciously overturned and the case handed to a civil court which four years later hadn't presented charges. He did escape and he is probably guilty, but the law in Venezuela is, as I said... funny.

Comment Posted By Alfredo Octavio On 19.08.2005 @ 15:18

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