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Was it not Henry Kissinger who said (more or less), "A moderate Arab is the one without ammunition?"

Comment Posted By Allen Miller On 12.02.2006 @ 12:39


Ms. Coulter is photogenic, articulate and successful. Oh, did I mention that Ms. Coulter is obscenely, disgustingly successful? While the Eleventh Commandment may be important, the Tenth is mandatory. The distinct impression may be forgiven that many of Ms. Coulter’s detractors are perilously close to its violation.

Ms. Coulter has said, “Raghead.” Racist? Hardly. Given the behavior of the Islamofacists (Hitchens) in the Great Cartoon War of 2006 during the past week, Ms. Coulter’s epithet hardly registers on the offence scale. Does she have a shtick? Probably. But one may be forgiven the observation that about the only people without one are troops of the line.

In their kinder, gentler moments, those master propagandists Roosevelt and Churchill were wont to use such epithets as “Nip”, “Jap”, “Hun”, and “Kraut”. While these gentlemen were probably racist in the way of their time, that was not the point of their characterizations. Instead, as all good propagandists, they attempted to encapsulate in a word a characterization that encompassed the animus of their constituencies.

Was Ms. Coulter unapologetically vicious? Indeed, she was, but in the best tradition of propaganda formulation. The West is, after all, at war. However, for those offended sensitive souls on the Right and Left, as well as those real adversaries the Islamofacists, there should be no care that her unfairness will remain unanswered; there will always be the Department of State.

Comment Posted By Allen Miller On 12.02.2006 @ 22:03

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