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I like Jack's attitude. The more grusome he becomes, the better I like him.

Comment Posted By Arfinator On 10.04.2007 @ 14:15


The lefty's on this site are right. We should just open up the borders and let the immigrants flow. I mean hell, since we need that cheap labor, I guess it make it all ok. Don't it? So let 'em come and we'll end up with the same conditions in this country that they are trying to escape in thier own country. We'll have the same corruption in government that they have because they will vote illegally on the democrat ticket and the democrats will encourage it. We will slowly creep into a socialist government, which the democrats have wanted all along, and we will begin to have a poor class that we have never had in this country, because there will be a huge dependent class that does nothing but wait for thier handouts every month. They will start puting up cardboard box houses like over in Mexico and hanging thier dirty laundry from the trees in the park. Then they'll have thier 15 kids running the streets stealing from the working classes. Taxes will get so high in this country that any business that can afford it will leave and then unemployment will skyrocket, more cardboard box shanties will go up. Young people who have any sense at all and who want to work and have a good life will leave the country for places like Australia. AMerica will become a nation of the backward and "entitled". Then the Constitution and the BIll of Rights will go in the toilet because the democrats have already proved it is a "living document" worthy of being trashed in the name of progressivness. The new Religion in America, Islam, will decide to make it's move and take over and the purge of the infidel will begin. Anyone who is not a believer will be killed in the most horrific and brutal of ways, women will be wearing the black sack and no longer will they be allowed to speak or go to school. Men will finally be the masters of the home as they were meant to be. And the liberal, democrats will finally reach nirvana.

Comment Posted By Arfinator On 10.04.2007 @ 13:52

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