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Granted, a few facilities (like maybe the Port of Southern Louisiana) are tied to New Orleans' peculiar geography... and they'll need a few residences to supply labor... and some supporting commerce. However, that alone would become a much smaller town that could hold to higher ground.

Being more compact and higher, it could be more stoutly defended (at lower cost) against the next storm. The measure of how much lowland can be defended and what really needs to build on it will be to see who is willing to pay for its protection without federal subsidies.

Everything else, including all of the touristy stuff, should be rebuilt in a new city upstream. Maybe the old city can become a landfill site that can eventually be built up above sea level to provide buildable land to some future generation (if rising sea levels don't overtake it). However, the old New Orleans is flooded and toxic.

Why wait months to reclaim all that before starting to build replacement homes and businesses? Why spend the time and money on so much clean up when we could break ground on another site immediately and put people to work?

Comment Posted By Aspiring Statesman On 3.09.2005 @ 12:15

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