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Richard Riley--Let's not confuse the objections of a few people with substantial opposition. I live in the liberal mecca of Seattle where only the extremely far left fringe groups thought Afghanistan was a bad idea. The kind of people that think any sort of conflict is a bad idea. Let's face it, the President had about 90% approval on invading Afghanistan which is about a unanimous as any decision will EVER be in this country.

I don't doubt that the movie will be "good." A very capable director is attached to this, after all. It won't look like a TV movie of the week.

However, dismissing concerns of people who outright say that they're not ready to watch something like this---people who live in NYC and saw the terror up close and personal---is pretty damn insulting. (I'm not implying that R. Riley said this, but others have. As though there is an "us versus them" mentality and people that don't want to watch this film somehow don't understand terror and aren't real Americans.)

Comment Posted By Bailey On 5.04.2006 @ 21:39

I'm not sure I understand the vindictiveness behind the snarling comment about separating the moonbats from everyone else or whatever that means. I'm sorry, but are there any Americans--regardless of political persuasion--who aren't in awe of the bravery of those passengers and the courage they demonstrated?

Only the fringiest of the fringy didn't support the invasion into Afghanistan in the attempt to capture bin Laden. Where you lose us is Iraq and the utter mess made there.

I have no doubt this will play well in the Heartland. But does no one else think it's strange that it's movie audiences in New York, who lived through the horror much closer than the rest of the country, that are balking to this film? Are these muddled moonbats to be derided? Really?

Comment Posted By Bailey On 4.04.2006 @ 22:35


Here let me explain it to you: If you are going to spend all your time trying to dig up dirt to make the US military look bad, don’t get yourself abducted. That way our military doesn’t have to waste time and endanger their lives trying to save your sorry moonbat ass.

Wow Smithy! Thanks for the explanation! However, it appears that the US Military (while certainly not un-involved) were not the only ones anxious to help Jill. In fact, I'm not sure how to determine exactly how many man hours and how high the personal risks were for the military in regards to rescuing Jill. Do you? Please share.

Also, I am glad to have run across you on this site as you appear to be an expert on the kind of stories that Jill Carroll was regularly filing from Iraq. Of course, all I could find was the content in the archives at The Christian Science Monitor and, even though they are available for review, I didn't want to pay to do so. But since you can readily quote all those instances where she slandered the US Military or denounced the president in print, I guess I can save some money after all.

Again, please share what you've found. I know it's really easily to just flap your gums and spout out drivel that someone else posted before you, but I really do appreciate fresh and original thinking.

Thank you, Smithy!

Comment Posted By Bailey On 2.04.2006 @ 20:04

There is a much bigger story here, of who exactly is was will be JILL CARROLL and why was she so in love, xtreme love, with ARABIC culture and IRAQ? Was it a kind of misplaced romanticism or sexuality gone political cultural?

I suppose the same could be asked of George Bush. After all, we've narrowed down our reasons for being in Iraq by dismissing the phony WMD claims, the link to al qaeda and any of a number of different untruths from the administration...what we're left with is Dubya's sincere, oh so sincere, desire to bring peace and love to the Iraqi people. He's even looking forward to having streets named after him. Are you suggesting we should doubt his sincerity? Are we really not there to spread freedom amongst an Arabic culture?

Because if none of the things above are true, perhaps someone can truly explain to me why we are there.

And while you're at it---in between taking up the Laura Ingraham cause of complaining about journalists unable to leave their balconies to do their reporting---please indicate exactly what the parameters of reporters in Iraq should be. Because if they're not supposed to be on the balcony and they're not supposed to try to blend in to get alternative news coverage, I'll be damned if I know what the endless complaint about the media in Iraq is.

Comment Posted By Bailey On 2.04.2006 @ 19:33

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