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Rick, I will have a hard time supporting any of the front running RINOS as the republican Candidate. As a party we would be better off not supporting any of them, in fact we need to start a wright in your own name for President campaign. This would send a clear message to the RNC no more liberal candidates period. I actually believe the dem's are going to win this election when the Republicans can only supply a demo watanabe as our candidate.

Comment Posted By Bart Smith On 25.01.2008 @ 00:23


When one of the RINOS are nominated & become the Republican nominee ,I agree that we should not vote for a democrat, why perpetuate their unacceptable policies. Voting for a third party candidate is a better option but not adequate either. That being said;

Use the wright in option on the ballot. Write your own name in for president; this will send a clear message to the Republican Party's Leadership, that they are totally out of step with conservative Goals & purpose.

Comment Posted By Bart Smith On 22.01.2008 @ 13:31


Rick the only issue I have with all of these positions is, with the exception of Mr Thompson & Mr. Hunter none of the remaining candidates are actually conservative. You could make a case that Gov. Huckabee is actually to the left of many of the Democrat candidates. The other so called conservative candidates are probably more liberal than President Bush; not good for the country as a whole.
If the Republican Party truly wishes to regain political power, conservatism is the only direction to take. Or simply put we can not elect another RINO to the Presidency.

Comment Posted By Bart Smith On 2.01.2008 @ 20:28


Huckabee really comes across as an old time snake oil salesman. If one actually looks at his record while the arkansas governor; you become amazed how such a liberal person has the nerve to try & pass themselves off as a moderate much less as conservative.

Comment Posted By Bart Smith On 31.12.2007 @ 19:52


Rich I am on the Fred Bandwagon & have been from the start. He is not the darling of Main Stream Media or political pundits in general.Let Me know what else you think I can do to help Fred become our next President.

Comment Posted By Bart Smith On 27.12.2007 @ 15:13


Bye the way He ain't the greatest President but he sure outshines the Democrats choice of John Kerry.

Comment Posted By Bart Smith On 19.07.2007 @ 01:42

Hey Kids Iraq is a mess, but your worthless Dem's in congress are contributing absolutely zero towards a real solution.. the last time I looked Sen. Kennedy's name was very prominent on the document. As far as BS look closer to home!!

Comment Posted By Bart Smith On 19.07.2007 @ 01:39

Hey Rick, Look at the bright side, while the Democrats are posturing about the war without taking any accountability or responsibility for their actions! Their not wasting money on worthless welfare programs or trying to shove Amnesty down our throats!!

Comment Posted By Bart Smith On 18.07.2007 @ 16:59


Lebanon certianly has a delima, How can the ordinary citizens of this country rid themselves of the Hezbollah and ineffective Government. It's very difficult during a war with Israel, started by many of their own Countrymen. I believe that if the Lebanomese Government would demand Hezbollah's agression cease including their disarmenment, the return of the Israelli soldiers, and openly request the assistance of World Governments to aid in their efforts, disaster can be averted. I also believe this will not happen. Let's reconize for what ever reason the Arab people really do not believe the Israellis have a right to exist.

Comment Posted By Bart Smith On 21.07.2006 @ 18:26


Make no mistake about it Israel is in a war with Islamic Fanitics who only have one goal, which is to destroy them. Hezbollah and Hamas are now and will always hide amoung civillians for protection. I believe that Israel should do every thing in their power to destroy both these organizations once and forever. These two groups specifically have always gainned a concession and then increased thier demands consistantly. Remember their stated goal. I do not believe we as a Nation need to provide more than we are already,political help,hardware , etc.

Comment Posted By Bart Smith On 15.07.2006 @ 23:53

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