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Conspiracy #1 Blackmail. The senate vote for the immigration issue was on June 28. Craigs vote can only be described as a, "surprise".

The airport restroom was so well known it was featured on an adult Web site that offers information about where men can link up for romantic encounters in both public and private locations.

Larry flies through Minneapolis on Mon's and Fridays and knows of a web site that he can cruise to "link up" on the way through. Everyone already knows he is gay. Rogers already outed him.

June 11 is a Monday.
June 22 is the Friday before the Vote
The vote is the following Thursday June 28

This really isn't so hard.

Conspiracy #2
Where are the "Feet back and spread them" jokes. How is it that 3 days later, I have not yet heard this joke!

Comment Posted By Becky On 29.08.2007 @ 08:34

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Larry Craig carried the lonely burden of his arrest and guilty plea privately, without telling his staff or consulting a lawyer — or ever showing up in court.
As Craig apologized Tuesday afternoon for "the cloud placed over Idaho," he also acknowledged that he had told no one about his June 11 arrest, when an undercover police officer said Craig made sexual advances toward him in a men's room at the Minneapolis airport.

Court and arrest records released Tuesday show that Craig negotiated his plea over the telephone, then signed and returned it to the courts in the mail, much like a traffic ticket.

In his plea, signed and dated Aug. 1, but not recorded until Aug. 8, Craig agreed that by handling the matter through the mail, he was giving up a trial and his right to be present at the time of sentencing

Judge Gary Larson, who handled Craig's case in Hennepin County, would not comment on the senator's plea. A spokesman for the judge told McClatchy Newspapers that since Craig remains on probation, Larson considers the case open and doesn't consider it ethical to discuss what happened until the case is fully resolved

The airport restroom was so well known it was featured on an adult Web site that offers information about where men can link up for romantic encounters in both public and private locations.

After his arrest, Craig revisited the Minneapolis airport June 22 to complain about how he had been treated by police. His spokesman said he was on his way to Idaho from Washington, D.C., a trip he takes through the Minneapolis airport most Fridays when Congress is in session.

He stopped at the police operations center and told the officer on duty, Adam Snedker, that it had been more than a week since his arrest and that no one had contacted him. According to the police, the senator told the officer that "he was involved in an incident where he was ‘drug down to this office' where he was handcuffed, fingerprinted and interviewed."

He wanted information about whom to contact so his lawyer could speak with someone, according to the report.

The on-duty officer patched him through to the arresting officer, Sgt. Dave Karsnia, who told Craig the name and phone number of the prosecutor assigned to the case.

In the original arrest report, Karsnia said Craig offered him a business card showing that he was a U.S. senator, and said, "What do you think about that?" Yet the probable-cause complaint offered to the court makes no mention of Craig being an elected official.

Jim Hammerand in Minneapolis contributed to this report. Erika Bolstad: (202) 383-6104.

Comment Posted By Becky On 29.08.2007 @ 08:11

I do see that nobody much in the msm is talking about hillary’s $200K contribution from that what’s his name?

boy - you got that right!

Comment Posted By Becky On 29.08.2007 @ 08:01

There are no states where gays can be fired for being gay.

Gays can serve in the military and have a relationship at the same time. They simply can not discuss publically what they do in private or openly approach other service members for sex (I'm guessing toe tapping was ok - maybe not now).

You can be gay and get a clearance. You simply can not lie about it in the investigation or be closeted to the point where you could be blackmailed for it,

which brings me to my original point...

Comment Posted By Becky On 28.08.2007 @ 14:21

Hey thanks for enlightening me on Representative government. Gosh. Whoda thunk that!! Thanks for your deep insights.

Yep - we all need a video taped confession before we even touch the fact that Craig made an highly unusal voting choice just days after he was arrested. Nothing to see here, move along.

Comment Posted By Becky On 28.08.2007 @ 13:09

Sigh. I see I am alone in my concerns. After reading many blogs this morning, everyone seems to want to use this event as a bat for their own issues and no one seems to want to take a hard look at something, which if true, is a far more serious issue.

On June 11th - Senator Craig was caught in a bathroom soliciting someone for gay sex. Put aside, for a moment all of your feelings about gay issues, infidelity the Republican and/or Democratic party and simply accept that he was arrested in a politically damaging position. Whatever he did, it was bad enough for him, a Senator with a far better than average knowledge of the law, to find it in his interests to plead guilty to a charge. Any charge.

On June 28th - Senator Craig voted against his constituents on the immigration issue. Perhaps you have to live in Idaho, as I do, to understand the politically damaging magnitude of his action in this regard. To grasp: Imagine Senator Boxer voting for a proposition to deny illegal immigrants all services in the State of California.

Now, I don't know, but I find it hard to believe that this could have been a well kept secret. I would assume, since he was arrested, that it was public record. So though, we the public are just discovering this now, is it possible that no one in Washington knew about this arrest? I find that IMpossible.

Am the only one who would like to know who knew and when? Because if it was known, and the incident was kept quiet and used to influence his vote on the immigration issue, is this not every bit as damaging as a Senator being paid to vote?

If our reps personal failings are being used to by other Senators, Congressmen, lobbyists, etc. to get them to vote agaist the CRYSTAL CLEAR wishes of their voters - should that not be something that we focus on.

Apparently not. Apparently we are only concerned with using this to wack everyone about the head with personal opinions about sexual morality, whether or not the media is biased in favor of Democrats or how best this can be used or not used against one party or another. NOW PLEASE NOTE: I'm not saying that there is anything WRONG with using the Craig issue to discuss these or other issues. I'm just saying I find it disheartening that no one, in the articles or blogs that I read today seems the slightest bit concerned that, considering the timing of these events - that it seems highly likely that members of the Republican Party, Democratic party or both used this issue to blackmail Senator Craig.

How would that be any different than them bribing their compatriots for a vote?

Ah well. Apparently I stand alone.

I appreciate the bandwidth to express my opinion.

Comment Posted By Becky On 28.08.2007 @ 09:24

next time, before you tell someone to fu** off - perhaps you should read their entire post. It was pretty hard NOT to grasp that my post was about blackmail and not about gay issues.

I'm sorry that you live your entire life looking for homophobic actions and comments in everything that goes on around you. That's your problem, not mine.

Comment Posted By Becky On 28.08.2007 @ 02:06

I am still amazed that the no one is discussing what I feel is becoming a frightening trend - on both the left and the right.

Look, the left can choose to get hyperexcited about how all Republicans are secretly gay. So let them have their fun. Blah, blah, who cares.

But Larry Craig withstood a Cat 5 Hurricane and voted against his constituents on the immigration issue. I live in Idaho. For those who don't know the mood here - it was an absolute up-yours to the voters of this state. But it was more than that, it was a downright odd event considering how deeply it would weaken his support in the next election.

So the question is - was he blackmailed? It doesn't matter how you feel about any particular issue that someone can be blackmailed over. It is not about gay rights. It is about ANY issue that someone could threaten to expose you and exert control over you.

It seems any mention of this is off limits? Isn't it time that we force our Senators and Congressmen to undergo at least the same background investigations that we require government clerks to undergo?

Again - this is not about gay issues. It is about issues that, if exposed, will allow an individual to be controlled by someone who threatens to expose that information.

Comment Posted By Becky On 28.08.2007 @ 00:47

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