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I'm a Latina, and was raised in a very conservative home. I have always considered myself a Republican, but recently I have felt that the GOP is pushing conservative minorities, such as myself, further and further away. Things such as "Barack the Magic Negro" and "Obama Bucks" are an embarrassment to the party and an insult to minorities. They are not only racist but are coming from GOP leaders and reps., which is completetly unacceptable.


If you want the minority vote, this has to STOP! The minority vote is ever increasing and unless you want the dems. to rule from here on out, you will need to stop this non-sense.

Comment Posted By Beth On 27.12.2008 @ 15:16


Listening to clips from Obama’s recent commencement address to Wesleyan graduates, it quickly became clear that it was a recruitment speech for ACORN volunteers. That Marxist language was liberally sprinkled and repeated, throughout, was astonishing. His Marxist message was abundantly clear and he made no attempt to blur it.

Comment Posted By Beth On 31.05.2008 @ 11:47


In my dreams, Bush replaces Bolton with...RUMSFELD!

I think I'm gonna start campaigning. ;-)

Comment Posted By Beth On 6.12.2006 @ 17:27


The Wikpedia thing was just symptomatic of the left hijacking language and meaning for their own purposes.

Jesus, every f'n time I hear about Wikipediatrics I get a headache from the eyerolling. It's the refuge of the desperate Left and their history revisionists. I don't even know why they bother; it's not like ANYONE but they themselves take Wikipediatrics seriously. I guess they ASSume they'll fool all the unsuspecting ig'nint folks just blindly wandering around the internets searching for information.
It's kinda cute how they take it so seriously.

Monster #33 - Good on ya. It must be maddening, hanging out there--I tried it for about five days and got so disgusted by what I saw I figured it wasn't worth the effort.

Comment Posted By Beth On 26.07.2006 @ 05:53


Sorry Rick, I think you're totally wrong about this one, in more ways than I am willing to spend time deconstructing in the comments. It sounds "reasonable" and "fair" and MSM-like, but you're being purely idealistic. This is exactly the kind of unrealistic armchair theorizing for which we all mock, ridicule, and blast the media.

Just one question though: you said,

This could have been avoided years ago which is why I call it a stain on our justice system.

Really? How exactly (and I do mean exactly) could this have been avoided?

And do you really think three scumbags who finally succeeded in their attempt to stir up trouble constitute a "stain on our justice system?" Might it not be considered yet another "stain" on their ideology/death cult? (OK, two questions.)

Comment Posted By Beth On 12.06.2006 @ 23:38



Those 19 people that killed 3000 didn’t cross the Mexican border.

You meant that for me? Hell, that's what I've been saying all along. Nobody bothers talking about the illegals that come from anywhere BUT the Mexican border. My only point was that someone like Obrador may not mind having people like that slip through his country to come here. If not Islamic terrorists, then certainly there are plenty of others from our own hemisphere who bear ill will towards us. And how about the flow of drugs into the country, if nothing else? Obrador definitely won't be working with us in that regard.

Comment Posted By Beth On 16.05.2006 @ 23:57

It's not that Obrador is a socialist/communist, it's that he DOES hate America. If there's one thing we do not need, it's someone who would be happy to let terrorists in the border. I'm not even talking about Mexican workers, in that case, although you can be sure he wouldn't do anything to help that situation.
I don't know what your opinion of Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro is, but if you think they're OK then I guess Obrador is your man. I can't imagine why any American would advocate an enemy on the border, though. I don't care if he talks about "uplifting the poor." I put our interests first. To be sure, the Mexican economy plays a huge part in the immigration issue, but if you don't think Mexican workers are a problem...well, there's a disconnect.

Look, I'm as frustrated as anyone with the rhetoric being thrown around. I've been attacked myself for calling things as I see them--there is racist rhetoric to be found in blog comments at some of the fever swamps, and some of the more hardcore immigration fanatics have either ignored such rhetoric because the yahoos support their basic points, or they've egged it on. All I'm saying is that those yahoos really don't represent us, and I regularly call out those who don't nip it in the bud. How they manage to operate a computer to excrete their crap is a mystery to me.

Bush can’t just randomly take guards from other states and put them in Cali, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, and he needs the consent of the Governors of those states to deploy the troops.

WRONG. You don't know what you're talking about.
Every single member of the National Guard is required to perform annual training. They don't necessarily--or even USUALLY--perform that training close to home/in their home state. Sgt Schmo in Chicago may have his AT in Florida or Kansas or whatever. If they're going to do AT anyway, what's the problem with putting them to work in TX/NM/AZ/CA? I was in the military; I do know. And I'll tell you what else: the AT they do isn't something that they can't change to a different location or function, either. It simply is NOT a big deal.

he’s only now after 5 1/2 years realizing their is a problem on the border.

Wrong again. Bush has had immigration plans for YEARS; it's only been in recent months that suddenly the PUBLIC decided it was an issue. Look it up.

Furthermore "the base is up in arms?" Wrong. I'm not "up in arms." I am the base. I don't sit out elections like the assholes in 1992 to "teach Republicans a lesson." Fat lot of good that got them. It's single-issue spoiled toddlers who "won't get fooled again," not the base.

I have no patience at all for that nonsense. I'm not interested in your "estimates," either. Do you advocate deporting blacks too? After all, they make up the majority of the prison population. And while we're at it, how about deporting all MEN? They're responsible for the VAST, overwhelming majority of crime.

I'm not for "amnesty" or soft on illegal immigration, either. The difference is, my opinion is not based on ignorance and hysterical fear.

Today I saw President Bush referred to as “El Presidente”
Heh. Probably a hundred times, and they'll say there's nothing objectionable about saying that. How's "wetbacks" strike you? I actually had some idiot trying to DEFEND the use of the word "wetback" in comments at my site! These fools have no clue. The more crap they fling like that, the more people they turn away from their point of view. Bunch of f'n amateurs.

Comment Posted By Beth On 16.05.2006 @ 23:51

If what the Heritage Foundation says about it is true – that it will allow 100 million new immigrants in the next 20 years

I still question their numbers. IF it's true, indeed.

Re Bush not being a "Reagan conservative," I can't say I agree with that. Both are (were) pragmatists, with a long-range vision. Both are/were willing to give a little to the center on certain issues in order to achieve the most important goals--Reagan with the Cold War, Bush with the WoT. Bush's critics on the right want everything they want NOW! and exactly THEIR WAY! when there are other things involved that they simply don't understand or care to take into account. One example is the issue of politics on the other side of the border--it's become trendy among certain people to throw around "El Presidente" and slag him for trying to work with Vicente Fox, but they are either not aware or apathetic about the very real possibility Mexicans may elect a Hugo Chavez clone this year, one who is using the "existential fear of the brown wave" as a campaign tactic. It's working, in fact. We're going to have a REAL problem with illegal immigration if that happens, and it won't be farm/construction workers crossing the border that are the threat. It only took 19 people to kill 3000 people, and we've got millions crossing the border now. Imagine how it'll be with a real enemy running Mexico.

And why isn't anyone addressing the porous border with Canada? I'm more worried about the kind of illegals that go that route than the guy sneaking through to do manual labor.

I hope you don't think your impression of the right's arguments are representative of ALL the right. I agree with you, there is an undercurrent of xenophobia--eh, screw it, racism--beneath some people's "arguments." It's not the view of most conservatives at all, but those that do show their @sses as such seem to get an inordinate amount of attention.

Radical Centrist:
First of all Bush is out-and-out lying about the guard going to the border, it’s not going to happen, it was a bone thrown to appease the outraged right.

Bullsh-t. Lying? You know this? Do you know anything about the guard? So you mean to tell me that Sgt Joe Schmo who goes on his annual training will go to Base X to do his time, fill the square, and NOT go where he's needed? Do you have any idea how many people there are in the National Guard, and what they actually do? They don't even have to touch the people who aren't already activated for the WoT!
And do you ACTUALLY believe that we can round up and deport all the illegals? Ha! Don't you think that if the gubmint knew who and where all the illegals were, they would have been deported? Good grief.

Basically, my view is that this problem is a lot more complicated and difficult than people realize. They're thinking abstractly, as in "illegals bad, make them stop." While I wholeheartedly agree that illegal immigration is bad and I want the problem to stop, I'm not a fool. This is going to take a lot of work, and a lot of money (then watch people howl about spending!), and there are many, many factors that aren't even being considered by the vast majority of Americans (not just conservatives). The easy thing to do would be to say "it's too big to tame this beast" (see also: Social Security--thanks, Congress, for nothing)--the hard thing is to actually have a workable plan. You can't plan for something like this in the abstract. Will the Border-Deranged Syndrome victims be willing to spend billions and wait years for an actual fence to be completed? I seriously, seriously doubt it. I'd wait and I'd accept the expense, but then I'm not one of the ones going ape5hit about the whole thing either.

And frankly, I'm tired of my allies on the right acting like a bunch of spoiled brats. They keep calling themselves "the base," but "the base" does not mean "the stubborn extremists" or "the far right." "The base" is the people who are loyal, like me. That doesn't mean I don't have expectations, but it does mean I won't take my marbles and go home every time I don't get my way. I don't get what's so hard to f'n understand with these people about Democrats not giving them ANYTHING they want. How, HOW could people be so jaw-droppingly stupid? Peggy Noonan, even? There are no words to describe the level of amazement at their utter naivete and just plain stupidity. So I say FINE, if they want to bail, good. That means the GOP will be flushed of the stupid. And I won't forget it, either--I'm STILL pissed about 1992. Stupid single-issue ideologues.

Comment Posted By Beth On 16.05.2006 @ 16:40


Debbie is now editing out “malicious” comments

That's nothing new--that's SOP at that joke of a site. Anyone who disagrees with her either gets deleted OR is told they have a reading comprehension problem. Really farking intelligent debate skills, huh? So persuasive! hahahaha

Rick, I don't do blog wars either, but Debbie Schlussel is THE exception. She's an embarrassment, and doesn't deserve categorization as being on the Right any more than Fred Phelps does. If I had written one way or the other about the rhetoric after Carroll's release, I'd have definitely named her.

Comment Posted By Beth On 2.04.2006 @ 17:29


and general blog ennui

Ahhh, ennui. Welcome to my world!

But now that this is posted, I have something to post! Yippeeeee!

Comment Posted By Beth On 2.03.2006 @ 22:05

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