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An epitaph? Now you're going to shoot me?

You Bushies are too much. Talk about your angry white male ...

Comment Posted By Bob Brown On 9.06.2005 @ 13:27

Rahht. Sorry I've driven you to name calling. I guess I just bring out the child in you.

Comment Posted By Bob Brown On 9.06.2005 @ 11:27

I can't help but get the feeling that Mr. Moran just doesn't like polls very much these days. The poll I cited above is deemed untrustworthy under the all-purpose "liberal bias" dodge. But since Gallup, ARG, Pew, and even the Wall Street Journal, polls also show The Lame Duck sinking faster than a tea cup poodle in a swimming pool, will it be safe to say that Rick will find these polls ideologically tainted as well?

The real irony here is that Bush is in the process of becoming to Republicans what Dean has become to moderate Democrats, something to stay away from. Just ask the 7 Republican Senators who effectively pulled the plug on two of Bush's loony court appointments.

Comment Posted By Bob Brown On 9.06.2005 @ 11:21

All Dean is doing is raising cash. His Grand Old White Peoples' Party bashing excites the liberal base, and the cash is a-rolling in because of it. That it incenses the hyper-sensitive lunatic right only increases the appeal.

Here's something interesting. Article: "For the 1st time since 9/11, more Americans trust Dems w/ nation's problems." Some horrible Bush numbers in there. The Great Terrorism Fighter has now become little more than an out of touch extremist in the eyes of a majority of Americans. Kind of like Superhawk if you think about it.

No wonder you fellas all a-whine about Dean. The big issues facing the Lame Duck are far too painful for you guys to contemplate.

Comment Posted By Bob Brown On 8.06.2005 @ 19:17


Looks like some folks at Guantanamo would probably add another book to your little bonfire. Of an earlier vintage, of course.

Comment Posted By Bob Brown On 3.06.2005 @ 19:39

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