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The DNC, now three members because of Carvelle's work under Clinton, planned to change the elctoral college by city. This was attepted in Colorado and the goal was to redistrict the Republican electoral college vote. This is the same DNC that wrote to Kofi Annan to run our elections after losing the election and going to US court. The redistricting of the electoral college in Colorado was done as the UN monitored our voting; where the electoral college might end up was in question.

This seems a fair answer to the American voter. There is no reason do disagree with this answer.

Comment Posted By Bocer On 29.08.2006 @ 09:38


Olmert did'nt start the war. Most think there was a 'coup' from the retired military and intelligence that Sharone used to control. He was going to start a third party-his way out of his 'Plame'- just before the strokes.

Comment Posted By Bocer On 1.08.2006 @ 15:36

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