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Also, ed, keep this in mind. Whenever someone bleats about the need to be taught lessons in "humility," the word often comes with an unspoken reminder "Don't you forget who put you in this position. Don't you forget to take care of them."

If you're quite the independent-minded person, that unspoken phrase should make you feel contempt for anyone who hints it.

Comment Posted By Brad S On 19.10.2006 @ 14:02


WRT active military presence in hot zones, one could very credibly state that Kosovo, where we have troops, is an active shooting war. Albeit with far fewer casualties. And our 19-year military presence in Haiti (!) in the early 1910s-1920s was the target of numerous guerilla skirmishes.

Please keep in mind, ed, that I don't believe that MSM has a political bias against Republicans. I DO believe that MSM's main purpose is to engage in as much political game theory as possible, to show the world how relevant they are to power. You see, what MSM really wants is to trap politicans in some sort of Gotcha, followed by some sort of "apology" or tribute-paying to MSM. I am confident we can all agree that the Bush Administration has stubbornly refused to do this.

What's the best way to deal with the stubborn mule? The 2x4 treatment between the eyes, of course. In this case, the MSM wants to ensure he faces defeat of some sort. It does not matter what MSM's past behavior was; all they want is some piece of Bush hide to nail on a wall. Once they got that, they tend to slink away or ignore Bush.

Comment Posted By Brad S On 19.10.2006 @ 13:56

You realize, of course, that there is an easy way out of all this. Now that I’ve become convinced that the two-year drumbeat of “GOP BAD” will pretty much cost the GOP BOTH houses of Congress, I will make some predictions for you:

Between Nov. 7 and Jan. 3 (the start date of the 110th Congress), you will see just about all the positive stories about Iraq come out of the MSM that most conservatives felt were being withheld. Why? With nobody from the Bush Administration running in 2008, Iraq will only be a peripheral issue that no one can really take full advantage of. Who’s going to run anti-war against nearly everyone running that is for it in some way or another?

Expect the Dem Congress to not only not insist on a withdrawal plan from Iraq, but also approve all requested funding for Iraq. Bush and the GOP Congress set up Iraq funding in such a manner that a rejection of any appropriation for it means quick disaster on the ground for our troops there. Not even John Murtha has the guts to play with that. Call it Bush’s adaptation of “just in time.”

Expect Bush’s poll numbers to go back to the 60%-65% range by Nov. 2008. I think we know why this will happen.

It’s really simple, if I may be so presumptuous: All a lot of folks in the Mainstream Media want is a Bush defeat of some sort. With a clean slate for the 2008 Presidential elections, the only way Bush can be “defeated” is to send the GOP Congress packing. After the MSM has gotten that, there’s no real interest in pushing for withdrawal (And let’s be honest here: The US will not fully withdraw from Iraq for another generation. Our history of military engagements overseas proves we will not fully do so.).

Comment Posted By Brad S On 19.10.2006 @ 08:24

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