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Rick Moran said "And until the left acknowledges that we are at war – I mean really and truly comes out and says that this is how we intend to keep Americans safe – no one will want to be governed by the left’s favorite device – empty, stupid platitudes."

This is a typical line of reasoning used by the remaining die-hard Bush supporters. I for one don't feel safer knowing that the government has unlimited power to violate my constitutional rights. You're appealing to cowardice, plain and simple. Is it worth it to surrender our rights over the the very slim chance that we may become victims of a terrorist attack? I don't think so. You right wingers act all big and tough, but you're wussies. Hell, we had enough intel to foil the 911 attack, and if Richard Clark hadn't been demoted, we probably would have.

Comment Posted By Brave Heart On 16.05.2006 @ 12:53

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