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I really don't understand the Palin phenomenon totally. I can see where Palin appeals to many because "she's just like us." as the liberals swoon over Obama because he's "exotic" and says things that get that old Kumbaya feeling running up and down your leg.--ie: Chris Matthews. I want someone who far wiser than I in economics, foreign policy, and who has a good handle on what goes on in the intelligence community. I am not saying Gov. Palin is a blooming idiot. She has polished herself up since campaigning with McCain, but still, she has miles to go.

Comment Posted By Brooklyn Dave On 18.11.2009 @ 14:11


Not that I have followed the career of Spitzer all that carefully, but especially since this guy won the governorship his phenomenal arrogance has been noticed even by the likes of me. When he was the AG, you kind of expected him to have somewhat of a Terminator attitude, but as governor he just continued in steamroller fashion which hasn't endeared him to many--even Democrats. Not too sorry to see Eliot Spitzer cross over to the "Other Side"----of political has beens!

Comment Posted By Brooklyn Dave On 11.03.2008 @ 10:26


Your backdrop commentary on the Crusades was amusing as it followed into an analysis of looking for a messiah in Obama.I don't look for any kind of deliverance or salvation from politicians (or any human for that matter). What do I want from a politician? That he/she is reasonably honest, intelligent, and wants to steer public policy in a conservative libertarian direction. I don't expect the politician to be 100% in the same ball park as myself, but we'd have to be in agreement more than half way. Obama seems to have tthe honesty and intelligence bases covered, but as far as his policy stances (which are garnered from his background rather than what he is saying on the campaign trail)I could never vote for the man unless I desired more of a socialist nanny state than we already have. He talks about change--but what kind of change? Change from the Clintonistas? Changes from the Bushies? Spare change that you may give to a homeless person? Brutha Barack what do you exactly mean? I personally believe we are going to hell in a handbasket which no president can totally turn around, only perhaps slow down.
(that's my cynicism). I don't need an Obama to lead a chorus of Kumbaya and promise me a cotton candy future. Brutha Barack, just come out of the socialist closet. Yup, your young, black, smart, and have a good line of sh*t (not as good as BJ Clinton) and maybe that's all a lot of folks are looking for. But as far as what you have to offer me as a citizen of these United States, I am not up for the taking.

Comment Posted By Brooklyn Dave On 15.02.2008 @ 14:58

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