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And I should add to the above that the lefties weakness is mild to extreme naivete'.

Choose your poison I guess.

Comment Posted By Bruce Manrose On 11.10.2006 @ 08:38

The far left is a simplistic notion created my spinmeisters to silence
critical thinking. A sterotype.

To me, the main difference between right and left, is same as justice vs. mercy. Both are parts of goodness. Right-wingers tend to emphasise justice
and rightousness, while lefties mercy and compassion. We need both, and most
people, left or right, demonstrate both at one time or another. You say
tampon, I say tampoon. Let's work the whole thing out.

Right-wingers draw a smaller circle of "us" and "family" while lefties
tend to have a larger one. But I think that right wingers feeling for "us" and "family" may be more concentrated and passionate as a result. The downside
of this is a mild (to extreme) paranoia.

Comment Posted By Bruce Manrose On 10.10.2006 @ 21:34

I can sympathise with what you're saying "Retire05".
But at the same time, is the current Admin handling the so-called
war on terror, correctly? It's a different kind of war.
No body wants the terrorists to blow up another building, but is
what's going on in Iraq really going to prevent that?

What is the right way to "solve" the problem?
There may not BE a solution. It may just have to peter out naturally, eventually. More moderate voices are encouraged.
But at the same time, the US is asking for more trouble,
shaking a hornets nest.

It isn't the wild west out there. There were rules in the wild west
compared to what's going on now. We were supposed to save
the town from the bad guys, then Nelly and her three
kids come out and hug us. But that dream evaporated.
We need to get out of the wild wild, mid-east,
eliminate oil dependence, and the need to have troops there.
The admin has not addressed this issue at all.

I don't know the answers, but we need to change tactics.
The current admin isn't doing that. If it ain't working, they say it is. If it's broke they deny it is.

A righteous war is worth fighting. WWII was one. Vietnam, probably not.
Iraq? If it had been done right, with a 500,000 troops from around the world,
then perhaps. But the way it has been run, it's worse off than before,
Saddam and all.

Comment Posted By Bruce Manrose On 10.10.2006 @ 12:10


Regarding economy: if it was worse under Clinton, Bush would get credit.
But it wasn't. Bush inherited a good one. Suprisingly still fairly strong.
So he gets points for not blowing something (for a change).

Immigrants: Those home-growns sue too much. See illegals = no lawsuits cause the INS will come. So BIG CORPS like 'em. Whose fault is that?

War: Also, afraid that was Truman who won the "big one". Not exactly an appeaser. Nixon and Ford lost Vietnam. Run and cutters. Which party were they again?

Comment Posted By Bruce Manrose On 9.10.2006 @ 21:37

>>Bruce, excuse me if I worry about what is going on in the United >>States before I worry about all those nations you listed. And as >>far as us not being liked by other nations, it never seems to be a >>problem when they need our money, now does it?

Guess money can't buy love now, can it?

>> Unemployment at 4.7%
>>Stock market at all time highs

>>National deficit coming down like the walls of Jerico.

So it's like 300 billion instead of 400 billion.
That's still a pretty high wall.

>>Minority business and home ownership at all time highs
>>Education gap between minorities and whites narrowing

Some things that the ADMIN did nothing to HELP, HAVE worked out
on their own. Just imagine how great things would be if the ADMIN was
out on their arses completely!

>>All this in spite of the fact that we must educate those who have >>no legal right in this nation and in their own language or pay for >>their medical care not to mention all the other social services.

But at the same time, the ADMIN makes the ILLEGAL IMMIG issue
a major point (distraction). Yet it has very few real world impact to most Americans, and helps a great deal. They don't have an easy life here. But of course it has to be dealt with, and I'm not sure I'd be betting on either party hit a home run.

>>Think what the unemployment rate would be if we did not factor in >>the illegal base.
Higher probably - how many non illegals want to scrub chemical vats and work 12 shifts in slaughter houses.

>>And since two Americans just won Nobel Peace Prizes in science, I >>guess the evangelical base has not stifled research all that much.

Guess they can fit Big Bang into creationism and Dna
into God's plan. But seriously, it's the message it sends.
Research into

>>Hitler didn’t like us much but that didn’t stop us from kicking his >>tail but since you are so worried about us being liked, I would >>suggest you go visit Kim Jong Il and Almondjoyjihad and convince >>them what nice people we really are. And think of the frequent >>flyer miles you will rack up.

Love it or leave it? I've left it already, but I still love it.

Comment Posted By Bruce Manrose On 9.10.2006 @ 20:31

Of course the Repubs should lose. They've been spinning people in circles
for years, but it seems people are finally seeing throught their rouse.
After all, what actually is going right?

Afghanistan - on the verge falling apart

Iraq - flying apart at the seams

North Korea - blowing up nuclear bombs

Iran - about to go nuclear, gaining more influence in Iraq

Palestine/Israeli conflict: worse and South Lebanon destroyed

Bin Laden free and terrorism flourishing

Unilateralism has alienated allies and forced the USA to take on greater burden alone

Americans are more than ever despised abroad.

On the home front :

National debt has doubled - approaching 10 trillion dollars
(increased as % of GDP also), which will come home to roost.

Military stretched to the limit

Scientific research stifled in deference to Evangelical base.

Forget about the child porn ring being run out of Foley's office.

The things that have gone right, such as jobs, stock and home prices
are things that the admin never really touch. Everything that they touch,
goes dreadfully wrong.

Comment Posted By Bruce Manrose On 9.10.2006 @ 17:02


Great post!

Worse, having the Army there is a catalyst there for terrorists, and bringing them out of the woodwork. It's creating new ones.
Going regional will only exacerbate this situation.

Note to Mark H: Did we do the right thing, for the right reasons (plural)? No, we did the wrong thing for the wrong reasons.
Maybe the intentions were good, but that's not enough. It's amazing how many Bushees are in denial and need a 12 step program, and fast.

Comment Posted By Bruce Manrose On 12.10.2006 @ 08:07

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