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The Bush administration instituted a policy toward Saudi immigration in June, 2001, called "Visa Express." Under this bent rule, Saudis could obtain U.S. visas without being photographed or having to apply in person.

3=Number of 11 September hijackers whose entry visas came through special US-Saudi "Visa Express" program.

140=Number of Saudis, including members of the Bin Laden family, evacuated from United States almost immediately after 11 September.

Bandar bin Sultan - Prince Bandar has endured controversy over allegations in the book Plan of Attack by Bob Woodward that President George W. Bush informed him of the decision to invade Iraq ahead of Secretary of State Colin Powell. Also, the book alleged a deal had been worked out to reduce oil prices just ahead of the November 2004 election. Bandar publicly endorsed President Bush.

Gore complained of "endemic hyper-corruption" among Tehran's religious and political elite and asked Arabs to take a stand against Iran's nuclear program.

Iran says its program is for peaceful purposes but the United States and other Western countries suspect Tehran is trying to develop nuclear weapons.

"Is it only for the West to say this is dangerous?" Gore asked. "We should have more people in this region saying this is dangerous."

Cherie Blair, wife of British Prime Minister
Tony Blair, made a plea at the forum for women's rights, telling Saudi leaders that the dearth of women in the work force was "undermining economic potential" of the kingdom.

It was a forum in which lots of different opinions were expressed.
Such a complicated world. So many things to remember, facts to keep straight.

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