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(2)Davebo Said:
3:32 pm
"Damn that leftest defeatist Baker! "

guess again, Davebo.

If you read the piece, the important part is toward the bottom, where Mr. Baker says

If we are able to promote representative, representative government, not necessarily democracy, in a number of nations in the Middle East and bring more freedom to the people of that part of the world, it will have been a success,” he said.

That distinction is crucial, according to one member of the expert working groups. “Baker wants to believe that Sunni dictators in Sunni majority states are representative,” the group member, who requested anonymity, said.

See, he is a "realist". That is a portion of the Foreign service that believes that "yes, he is a bastard, but he is our bastard".
Jimmy B has a long and cosy history with the Saudi's and this Democracy thing is rocking his boat.

If you know history and politics, Davebo, you would know that the far right and the far left actually hold similar positions on many things.
That is why Hitler could be a Socialist. Both the far left and far right believe that dictatorships are more effective than messy democracy.

Comment Posted By BurtB On 16.10.2006 @ 22:32

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