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"By the way, to the Leftists who seem to be trying to dominate debate on this board – No one cares with what you think.

Obama will soon be the most hated man in the world. And then you will get yours."

It's not hard to dominate someone of your intellectual capacity. Feeling a bit defensive are you? I see you have that conservative omniscience thing going on, where you know what is going to happen in the future. Good luck with that.

Comment Posted By CCFK On 29.12.2008 @ 16:50

It's fine if you want to think it is legitimate satire but bringing George Orwell and Jonathan Swift into it? Spare me your lectures. Some idiot who wanted to be chair of the RNC passed out this crap by third-rate comedian and got called out for it because it offended some people in the GOP, who then started talking about it. It's pretty simple really. He's not a racist, he's just a tone deaf moron. As to all the blubbering babies crying "it's not racist! it's not racist!" fine, it isn't racist. It's just in incredibly poor taste and not remotely funny. What is funny is watching a simpering buffoon like Ken Blackwell try to explain why he still loves everyone who is running for RNC chair...way to be a man and take a stand Ken!

Comment Posted By CCFK On 29.12.2008 @ 14:42

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