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Great article. I recently heard about this website from Rush Limbaugh. I will definitely be visiting it regularly now. The issue of dependence is a sad one. I agree with Noel that America might very well be starting its downfall. What makes it so sad is that so many people know exactly what the problems are. So many people know that liberalism is largely to blame and we have factual, historical evidence of this. But these "so many" people are still a huge minority. They are the ten or so percent of the country who read about politics, history, and economics. The rest of the country is busy watching football games and movies. And we all know how liberal Hollywood is. The thinkers in this country, or world for that matter, need to learn how to captivate more than the talk radio crowd. This has to be possible. There have been tons of blockbuster movies based on true events and cultures. It's time for a new Hollywood and new media outlets. How about a trilogy about the downfall of the greatest country to ever exist presented with all the explosions and excitement of other blockbuster hits. Or how about a documentary about this wellfare problem? Maybe people who understand economics and politics are just not artistic. Just some thoughts I've had about the current state of America.

Comment Posted By CQuill On 13.09.2005 @ 03:23

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