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WHAT DO THEY WANT? Could someone explain it please……………
bob...they meant for you to stop reading the headlines and follow the story. maybe there is meat to it..maybe not.
Exactly how are they doing this Bob?
your logic escapes me. If any MSM says "U.S debt beocoming a growing monster." would this be treasonous?
"Anarchy" as a headline is just that. A headline. What should they have said? Actually, what would you say? "All's well."????
"Who exactly is involved in this ongoing effort to make America a Third World barrio, replete with all the amenities one finds in the Sahara." (your quote) are focussing on the messenger. What is the message. The US debt load?

As far as treason in a time of war...hmmmm...Valerie Plame is an interesting true bit of treason right there in front of you. I guarantee you that the CIA did not enjoy the coverage especially when you consider her international connections that have been exposed. Is it NBC's fault for covering it.? Or should we really look at why it is a story in the first place?
Lastly, Vietnam was not lost by the protesters at home. Though Ho Chi Minh did say that he read the reports of growing protest in the states, the states themselves should have seen this coming from the french involvement a decade earlier. To be honest to those who cite Viet Nam as an example missed the point altogether. What was the US doing there to begin with? Viet Nam has been at war with foreign invaders for a hundred years. What they did was always the same. Wait it out. Eventually, the invaders grow exhausted and leave. George Washington also knew this.

Comment Posted By CYKING On 27.09.2005 @ 11:57

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