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I think those that propose Olmert loses, miss the bigger point. Bibi won't advance all that far if elections get called t'marra. (And, they're not going to be called until things become obvious.)

Israel is waiting for Assad. Assad refuses to engage. So, even Bolton, at the UN, is pushing the 'pause' button.

And, the pilots in the air force get a chance to rest. They'll be back. And, it's not going to be a foot race, or a foot war. It's gonna blast syria's position. Which brings in the iranians. Who don't want engagement, either. Since "engagement" means bringing in the USA.

You can read the news anyway you like. But angering air flyers, (flying pedestrians), is about as dumb as the muzzies can get. People won't react in fear. They won't react in panic. But they're getting very, very mad.)

Which means the wall calls, when they go out in the West, will have support.

But it won't happen in the summer. I'll bet the "engagement" gets real in the Fall. And, Olmert, ahead, comes out as a genius.

Bibi, if there were new elections, might hope to gain a seat or two. But even there, I see his timing as "off." The settlers, again, can be counted on not to unify the whole country. Just taking advantage. Yelling FIRE in a crowded war theater. Even if you don't smell the backfire, it works like a boomerang.

Comment Posted By Carol Herman On 11.08.2006 @ 12:39


Poof went the $4.5 billion dollar tourist industry. The Middle Class flees in all in all directions it can. (For instance, I didn't know Lebanese were so big on dual citizenships; but even Denmark is retrieving its share from damascus.) Where Assad is COOPERATING with all nations who want to extracate their own dual-citizens. While Assad puts no jets of his own fleet up in the air. Why lose them?

Very little analysis from the press that discusses how this evolved. Nasrallah isn't a trained military man. And, for all we know he saw the gaza raid that netted one Israeli soldier as something he could do, too. Only afterward did he think to ask other arab nations to join in the "fun." And, all he gets in response is silence. Pretty much the game is up. Except that he does have 10,000 missiles. And, about 100 Persian troops willing to push buttons. You almost have to ask if the buttons come with red lights and green lights that light up when one of the troops says "Simon Says." ??? There really isn't any powerhouse military maneuvers ahead, either. Just Nasrallah, without his home or office; desguised, probably as a tablecloth. looking for restaurants with pots big enough he can turn into his bed for the night. Even Saddam had a better system of running from hiding place to hiding place.

And, all you really see is this key supplied by Osama. MAKE VIDEOS! Then traffic in them to get the word out. So you can be deep in a cave and yell that you're winning. So what?

Comment Posted By Carol Herman On 17.07.2006 @ 01:33

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