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Oh the monkey who said no one should be elected that does not "believe" (and that's ALL it is- "belief" NOT fact) in evolution-apparently you have not evolved enough yourself because your brain is only functioning on sea turtle level.Please go lay out on the beach where you belong.

Comment Posted By Carole On 8.01.2010 @ 17:07


I thank him even today. We need men like him, and there seem to be fewer and fewer on these shores. Many would fight to the death over the Chevy parked in their driveway, but would they die for this country....

Comment Posted By Carole On 27.05.2009 @ 15:55


You make more sense than most, and I
know you have not bugged out. Last time I
heard that was when my ex-husband was in the
If people find it so easy to leave, and
face the facts as they see them, why can't
they accept the fact you will lose so very
much respect around the world, you will be
a superpower with no friends. Oh, yes,
countries that must rely on you for trade,
etc who keep being "friends" but the real
people will see you very much as they saw
you after Vietnam and that is not good for
Your having the greatest military
in the world, so what? Your troops are far
better people than your politicians.
You asked countries for help and many
did, as best they could and following their
own ideology. Millions have been spent by
these allies, for what? To run? How do you
think they will feel? I know how I willfeel
and I am pro-american, as I am one....a dual
with Canada. I tried for months to regain
my trust in America after Vietnam and I
truly felt you would never do that again.
Rick, this is not a thinking game by bloggers, there is some real life attached
to this problem and to sit and sit and decide
you know what to do is simply vanity on your
I do not know all the answers but the one
I believe in is trust, and the Iraqi people
will never ever trust any American again.
They should not, you are running on them for
the second time.
Yes, you have not gone yet, but as the greater part of Americans are libs and they
are not really thinkers or actors, they
are lazy people who will never act in the
best interests of America. Never.
It is a huge risk to take, and the writers
are not seeing what the result of their
"thinking" can bring to the entire world.

A real lack of something, and too much
aragance from Americans who do not do
the work. They just feel they can solve this
problem by writing a column, I have noticed
this has not happened yet. Surprised?

Comment Posted By carole On 11.05.2007 @ 19:08

I do hope I will be around to see the
results of the behavior of the Americans
once again, cutting and runing when a
result of their own ignorance comes to
their country.
We will again see the Americans whining and
saying" why do they hate us"
Are you so ignorant of your own history
you can not see why you are looked upon
with hate?
Count the times you ran, count them and
then count the dead from Hiroshima on.
Count them.
You will, AGAIN, be counting the dead,
and it will certainly not be yours.
Superpowers need courage and integrity and
you have none.
A better name could be " powerful quitters"
I forgot Afghanistan, they will be alone
again as none of your allies, and believe me
they will not be you allies in anything
again, will not be able to stop the terrorists
you have made bigger and stronger whenever
you say we must run.
What was the reason you have to run this time?
I cannot believe I actually never thought the
Americans would do it AGAIN. Was the
troop treatment not a lesson to you?
Oh, I see, this time the troops will not
be blamed for the LOSS of Vientnam.
You will blame the president and in thirty
years your cowardice will be seen, count on

Comment Posted By carole On 11.05.2007 @ 11:47


First, I listened to your broadcast with
Mr. Lifson and enjoyed it. He is a very
knowledgeable man and speaks well. As you
do too, it seems.
In respect to your latest post I would like
to know why you do not mention M.Soros?
He has spent millions to create Moveon and
that is where the power will be, in my
opinion. Time for that truth to be out?
WSJ did that today and it was wonderful
to see the truth being written there and
on your blog, however they spoke clearly
about his role.
You want power? Be with Soros if the
liberals win in 08' and as he will be
running the liberals who "owe" him, they
better listen to him.

Comment Posted By Carole On 10.05.2007 @ 00:17


The nail on the head

Comment Posted By Carole On 6.09.2005 @ 19:32

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