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"But at the moment, the Republican party from top to bottom is a broken instrument for reflecting the people’s will."

You are surely exaggerating when you say this. They may have disappointed you in myriads of ways, but they have done much good as well (such as confirming two conservative members of the Supreme Court) - especially when you consider the alternative.

If Republican voters like you would stop making the best the enemy of the good, we could consign the Democrat party to permanent minority status.

Comment Posted By Casey On 18.04.2006 @ 07:42


If I were a partisan republican I wouldn't exactly be shouting about this latest development. Syria, unlike Iraq, has a long history of supporting anti-US terrorrists. How well do you think it will play with the American public when you tell them that yes indeed, Iraq had WMD, justifying the invasion of Iraq, but uh, said invasion was such a screw-up that said WMD were allowed to slip away to an even more evil regime than Iraq? How well do you think it will play in the public when you tell them that we have to invade Syria now, so we can recover those WMD we were after (since that was a main objective of the war anyway)?

Listen, I used to vote republican. I voted for Bush I twice. I think a large part of Clinton's victory had everything to do with the fact that the Republicans were upset with Bush I over A: the "no new taxes" issue, and B: stopping at the Iraqi border in the Gulf War. I saw the wisdom of Bush I on both these points and like most republicans at the time, I supported him. All of you new republicans might learn something if you read some of this history. I only vote libertarian now.

Comment Posted By Casey On 27.01.2006 @ 08:53


Missing (and maybe impossible to retrieve) is timeline evidence from the TV newspeople who were all over the case from the beginning.

Those poor souls suffering and those trying to help had no way to watch TV, but certainly responsible leaders in the government were watching. They knew plenty.

Also, an announcement that a certain number of troops or boats or supplies has been "deployed to" or "mobilized" or, worse, are "being mobilized" should not appear in your timeline unless you put it in italics or something. The timeline needs to show when all those promises came to fruition. If you recall (and indeed the comment appears above) the president started promising help on Saturday before landfall. No help arrived until Friday afternoon.

Wishful thinking or just plain lying created a very different impression than the reality on the ground. Covering disasters is one thing that cable news TV does very well. We all saw the reality and the US Government, from the top down, failed its citizens mightily.

Comment Posted By Casey On 6.09.2005 @ 21:26

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