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Coulter can't be a racist because Arabs are of the Caucasoid race and thus closer to Swedes than to those Negroid sub-groups of southern Africa? So Nazis can't be racist because Jews aren't a race? But the term racism comes from both proponents and opponents of "racialist" policies. So liberals, and its really only liberals who would call Nazis racists, are once again wrong!

Your critical faculties are impressive. If an animated fart could type, it would display comparable abilities.

Actually, I eagerly await your wingernut critique of the term nigger since it's really only a reference to brown skin color of black people. You might follow it up by lecturing blacks on their inability to accurately label their own skin color! They're more brown than black, don't you know.

And, of course, the only really foul thing about the raghead reference is that it's nasty remark to make about the quality of cloth in someone's turban. But it's no point in disputing that those Arabs all wear turbans.

Comment Posted By Challenging morons rule On 12.02.2006 @ 13:15

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