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Well I'm back now.

Comment Posted By charles On 20.09.2009 @ 09:32


Listen obama tried to do the opposite of Clinton and that was letting Congress write a bill. Now what happened is it became to expensive and there was a serious of other problems. Now pretty much the same thing came with Clinton, but him and Hillary wrote the bill. So the only way this would ever get passed would be if they offered way to much pork in the bill, because they would just say hey hears 500 million dollars so you can build a memorial to Martin Van Buren.

Comment Posted By charles On 4.09.2009 @ 17:46

The Democrats and obama had absolutely zero plans to cut care on middle class Americans. The first thing to do would be allow people to purchase care from other states to get better cheaper care. Than you would get rid of the FDA to make it so drug prices go down and we can drug prices down quicker. And there still will be a market for FDA approved drugs if you want them. Yet if you had a choice between paying 50$ less for a drug that has been on the market for two years would you take it. Than through tort reform like loser pays to get rid of the slip and fall lawyers. Also lets just look at it like this another way to cut the price of care would be through insurance companies not making profit through selling the insurance, but by people accessing the insurance. Which lets say you break your arm you pay 50 to a 100 bucks to access the care. And I wouldn't force any insurance companies to do this, because if one company does this than they all will or else there out of business. Also to get everyone care you would replace medicaid and medicare with private investment accounts in renewable energy such as Nuclear and Geothermal energy. So when you are retired or out of work you can be giving money from these accounts to purchase care. And by giving everybody a thousand dollars at birth and by revenues from that going to purchase more care you would get more stock in the plants so you'll be able to save taxpayer money and get everybody care, because this sure beats obama's plan.

Comment Posted By charles On 4.09.2009 @ 08:13


I wonder what kind of pick up line that would be. Also I wonder what it would be to say to people your daughter is pornstar. Well I would say she's a nude model just like that, because there's almost a dignity in it.

Comment Posted By charles On 4.09.2009 @ 17:51


Well the Dems and obama have exploded the deficit with a stimulus that hasn't worked and a serious of other spending sprees in about every department. The only answer the Dems have to our problems is the government. How about this we eliminate the income tax replace it with a tariff or 12 to 15 percent sales tax to support the military and let people solve there own problems. When there hungry let them get there own food, when there out of work let them find work, and let the market handle the economy without government intervention. If you got rid of the Department of Transportation people would have the money from that to purchase cars or take cabs. We don't need a big government we don't even need a middle sized government. We need an army and we need border security and that's all I feel the Fed should do, because they would do one thing and get it right.

Comment Posted By charles On 4.09.2009 @ 08:27


The guy killed his girl in his car and got kicked out of Harvard for cheating on a Spanish test.

Comment Posted By charles On 26.08.2009 @ 16:35


You know the fall of our nation will be do to debt, because were having trouble paying off the interest on our current deficit.

Comment Posted By charles On 25.08.2009 @ 17:30

Hey! We've being making all the wrong moves for decades now. To me it started right around the time of Theodore Roosevelt and Woody Wilson. Now we screwed up by expanding government,we started the income tax, and we started that stupid green agenda. Than we let spending and government get out of control by eliminating the Gold Standard and letting FDR to seriously expand government and taxes. The only way we can bring the US back is by going back to a Gold Standard,eliminating the income tax and replace it with tariffs, massively cutting spending by something like 70%, and letting us use are resources like oil,coal, and natural gas. So far the Messiah has increased spending,raised taxes,increased regulation, and broke the machine that tells us what the countries debt.

Comment Posted By charles On 25.08.2009 @ 14:39


List of Departments we should get rid of.
Department of Education
Department of Labor
Department of Transportation
Privatize Social Security
Privatize medicaid and medicare through investments in renewable energy like Nuclear and Solar to get revenues
Privatize welfare through same system
Department of Energy
Department of Agriculture
The office of personal management
Department of Commerce
Office of Personal Management
The EPA Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Put more into

Border Security
Department of Defense
Veterans benefits "yet you still can put money into private accounts invested into energy, but you still can put a lot into them.

Comment Posted By charles On 4.09.2009 @ 16:11


Listen under Reagan the economy was good and we collapsed the Soviets. Now he wanted to do things which would of balanced like getting rid of the Department of Education and a serious of other government programs and agencies. If it wasn't for that democratic house he would of done it. Now here's the thing I'm very angry with Bush, but under him we had a 400 billion dollar deficit and taxes were low. Now under under the messiah were likely to have a 2 trillion dollar deficit and are taxes are going to be raised. Also under Carter we still had a deficit, taxes were high, and we had 52 hostages in Iran. Also obama is raising taxes on the middle class, because just look at crap and trade. Also in the year 2012 if he wins reelection he'll say I'm going to increase taxes on the middle class.

Comment Posted By charles On 24.08.2009 @ 07:16

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