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mulkara, Negative. I do not "want" ANYONE to die in Iraq or anywhere else, but we were attacked here since the early 1990s. Clinton did nothing. He hid under his desk whilst being "serviced" by a teenager. I have absolutely no connection with anyone in Iran. The same way I have no connection with 3% of the people who owned slaves.

I have been there, seen what was going on and was there on 28 June 2004 when the new government was sworn in two days ahead of schedule. The first thing said was that they wanted the United States military to remain in their country and help stabilize it.

and yes, we won TET. No thanks to the other Walter.

Comment Posted By Chief RZ On 16.07.2007 @ 16:16

mkultra. Any you know this how? Facts: The "shia" have less than 50% of the seats in the legislature. All were elected at the threat of death. Al-Sadar put his name up but was not supported all that much. He is the "thug and terrorist".

We are there at the request of the legitimate Iraqi government. Same as in Bosnia and about 20 other locations.

Comment Posted By Chief RZ On 20.04.2007 @ 15:37


I will not embrace this most recent story to validate the recently unclassified CIA report, but it increases the probablility of it.

The Truth: In my 29 years as a public school teacher, I had the opportunity of discovering the most devious methods that the worst students used to hide drugs and other contraband. The FBI, and SLED here have published many others also. Most people who have been looking and/or reading the news since 1991 when Sadam Hussein invaded and "raped" Kuwait, claiming it as his "22nd" (it recall) province. He was much more crafty that those teenagers, the mafia, gangs in the US, and other criminals.

Comment Posted By Chief RZ On 27.01.2006 @ 17:20

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