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Comment Posted By Chris Pedersen On 21.10.2009 @ 06:56



WHEN ALL of the material facts and evidence come into plain focus, sue these bastards until they squeal like the pigs they are. "Malice" is the key prong that must be proven in all liable & slander case[s].

Intentional alterations in aid of the smear job cast upon you is pretty well a 60 yard winning field goal for you.

Wait until your monatary damages can be identified and determined clearly as your financial monatary loss of profit,salary etc. then file a civil Racketeering count[s] against anyone with a computer and the ability to alter your comments or add anything which isn't true.

Fraud is fraud which is covered under RICO concerning the use of the U.S. Mail or Wire/phone/computer. The best part of civil RICO is the Statute[s] provide for "Mandated Tebble Damages" including "attorney's fees and costs".

This would be a game winning touchdown for all your supporters, with the stigma of being a "Racketeering Enterprise" attached and stamped of the front door and foreheads of the defendants forever.

No out of court settlement. No wishie washie "we admit no wrong doing" crap. Take it all the way to a jury for them to rule upon the "preponderence of the evidence" and allow "The Rule Of Law" which we stand for as conservatives teach them a lesson they'll never forget. The very harsh STING OF RICO IS THE TICKET WITH A FOUR STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS IN YOUR FAVOR TO RUN UP AND SETTLE THE SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!! Its Kickoff Time.

Comment Posted By Chris Pedersen On 16.10.2009 @ 23:19

'Bottom Rail on Top'

Five Star General George Patton said it best paraphrasing. "I don't believe in paying for the same real estate twice".

Harry Truman had the best policy of all Presidents.

Scorched Earth.

Think Iran. 10,000 degrees in 5 seconds or less. Israel, what are YOU waiting for? It'll be over before Obama can finish his Breakfast!!

Comment Posted By Chris Pedersen On 16.10.2009 @ 23:36


Hey Rick

Terrific writing. Your so correct about the IOC loss for the Chicago Outfit/Daley/Criminal Racketeering Enterprise Chicago City Hall/Fred Roti "Made Man of the Chicago Outfit" & 1st Ward Alderman/1st & 11th Ward Hired Truck Scandal/Family Secrets case Grand Ave., Rezco/Blago.

See: U.S.Supreme Court took 2nd Amendment Case See Fred Roti Ordinance on Chicago gun ban.

I believe I read Obama has reasigned Fitzgearld U.S. Atorney out of Chicago installed there by President Bush. HHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

I guess he was getting to close to bankrupting the Daley Machine of Corruption, so its good bye Mr. U.S. [A]ttorney since it was he who nailed them all thusfar, with Blago and company to go.

Lets see if the DOJ continues on with the prosecution[s] in the same manner as Fitzgearld would have done, or if the White House indulges in political "Executive" obstruction of Justice as in [Hint] the Black Panther dismissal to shut everyone up in the Chicago=Cook County Machine" et al including Springfield illinois in violation of the Three Seperation Of Powers Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

The voters reap what they sow and pick their same poison every election cycle. Be careful what you wish for it may just come true and boy they're voting record sure proves their poison is killing them DALEY[pun intended] financially with taxes rats and fraud. So keep on voting. Twice, and don't forget the dead including the wiseguys.

Comment Posted By Chris Pedersen On 4.10.2009 @ 11:38


The IOC had to think when Daley stood there flapping his gums they were looking at the "Irish Don" of the "26th Street Crew". Just Google.

The domination and control of City Hall a/k/a a Criminal Racketeering Enterprise. See; Fred Roti "Made Man" and the unconstitutional gun ban ordinance introduced by this 1st ward MOBBED-UP Alderman, now before the Nine Justices of the SCOTUS on 9/29/09. Sotomayor should recuse herself. She has already demonstrated her bias in the Cuomo case. See;

The Southside faction of La Cosa Nostra[some of Daley's school chums located in his "Very Own" Bridgeport backyard] who have now had their hands cuffed from the Racketeering cookie jar, ending, for once, the many years of criminal and civil racketeering litigation after the bribes and "Pay to Play" "Games" have ended.

To the voters of Shitago . Please, keep pulling the handle of corruption in the next election's voting booth so the City can go bankrupt at the expense of YOUR WALLETS. Like the waste of $40 miilion dollars in the "Hired Truck Scandal" with the 1st/11th Ward MOB skimming $35 million for little or NO WORK preformed. Ghosts with a paycheck. While MOB related family members and associates are employed at City Hall or in every entity thereto. And Daley doesn't know a thing?
How many poor African American children would $40 million have fed, housed, put clothes on their backs or funded the failing schools like Tilden High on South Union Aveune? Located in Daley's Dynasty Ward.

WHERE WAS OBAMA? Does he know these wiseguys too? Did he give them a pass in the State Senate of Illinois? Were there any wiseguys in the State Senate. You bet your sweet welfare check there was! Why wasn't he screaming in concert with the Soul Train duo Jesse Jackson[s], concerning the MOB ripping off African American's and other minority participants including minority women businesses?

Because the "Hits" would "keep on comming",with the theme song of the Sorprano's playing in the background. A song called Trunk Music playing loud and clear to muzzle the gunshots. Bunch of punks, pimps, phonies, frauds and prostitutes of government waste, fraud and abuse without the jewels to stand up to the wiseguys without the FEDS, while yacking about equality with their tails between their legs and muzzles on their mouths concerning the very corruption that holds the people down with artificial number of "jobs created" bullshit.

They're all sitting down when they have to wee-wee! This is a fact, Obama has already cut a deal to rid the Teamsters of the FEDS but Hoffa Jr's record of "reform" per the "Consent Decree" with his own former federal investigator quiting because of little or no action including resistence and/or the failure/refusal to act without proding by the IRB is to maintain the Chicago way. The Clinton[s] have New York in the bag.

Furthermore, all anyone with any brains has to do is research the ties of Acorn to the Mobbed-Up Teamsters Union on South Ashland Ave., during the Clinton years of the early 90's, including Trumka of the AFL-CIO the DNC et. al.. They're all linked together while the DOJ/IRB purged the "Domination & Control" of La Cosa Nostra Members and assocates Nationwide from the Teamsters for life in their attempt to clean up the Union. Restoring it to the rank & file for representtion and enforcement of their labor contracts. To end the sell-outs. Acorn a/k/a/ another criminal racketeering enterprise? Do the taxpayers have standing to file civil RICO claims?

Millions in taxpayer $$$$$$$$$ spent in federal litigation. It only took the Feds 40 years to smell the stench of shit that ha been on their plate since Robert Kennedy. Where was Teddy all those years? Hiding under his desk wiping his wet chin off, knowing his ass belonged to them or else? Or was it, we'll have the power of union corruption on our side for OUR future democratic elections, or both, so he went along?

Remember the "Hoffa Wars" with his little brother as Attorney General? Read you fools read, read, read! Did Hoffa Sr. have JFK "Wacked"? Did the MOB do him a favor before they turned on him and groomed Fitzsimmons.

It's been 21 years of Federal intervention. Hoffa Jr. is no friend to those rank & file members who can think for themselves beyond the aroma of olive oil and garlic, like shady sweetheart illegal backroom deals by the past union attorneys of Local 705 or the likes of Passo/Hogan with Mob ties. Passo, a Local 705 Henchman, Hogan, Local 714/Joint Council 25 Principle Officer of both, owned by the MOB and both barred for life. Think McCormick place.

See National Legal Policy Center website for Organized Labor/Crime study and disclosures or call up Teamsters Headquarters in Washington D.C. for ALL the Teamster Magazines with the mandated disclosing of the US District Court 2nd Circuit[New York] proceedings including the IRB "findings of fact" and conclusions of law.

I ran as fast as I could out of this cesspool of urban dispair to save my young children from these parasites almost ten years ago, living in the 11th ward armed to the hilt[2nd Amendment] for most of my life, so I know what I'm talking about more so than any other leftwing critic trying to defend the failure Obama is, just in this regard alone. He's all smoke and mirors, he's selling out America, which means you too you dummies with your hands out.

Hey, there ya go "Obama For Dummies"....."Lies You Can Believe In" I will even go as far as to say I'll debate OPRAH on the victimization of union corruption in Chicago. Blackballing,loss of employment and ERISA benefits including HEALTH INSURANCE and pension credits.

She has no clue what happened to me and my family/Teamsters Union Corruption sold us out. Never ending City Hall corruption. It's in her face all over the place but she never says a word. Another sellout of the African American communities by her silence and money and that's a shame. She doesn't have the guts.

Who cares about her books and give aways while the beat goes on and on and on and on. Why doesn't everyone who was on Daley Plaza yesterday give her your gas and electric bills for her to pay? Save you from the bank foreclosing on your homes, that you couldn't or wouldn't pay for in the first place. How's that working out for ya? Wealth redistribution! See if she'll go for ir?

For those liberal leftwing loons, remember common sense [if you have any for self preservation and survival] tells you that if corruption is the Chicago Mob Way. You are the ones paying for it every day of your lives between election cycles.

Ask yourselves; What has Daley done for me lately besides taxes, rats & fraud? "Play it again Sam" just pull that lever ONE MORE TIME FOR THE BEAT of the Racketeering drum to go on ! Please continue the sweeping net of RICO until it grabs Daley. But he won't stick around after this HUGE "AGONY OF DEFEAT". The City's broke. What, not enough bribe money left?

Was the US Attorney looking over their shoulders? Title III wiretaps?

What does Daley and the Feds know, that the wiseguys don't? MMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMM !

Is Daley the next Jackie Presser or Sammy "The Bull" Gravano?

I'll love reading about it many miles away, in the clear prestine mountains of the Ozarks, while my money remains in my wallet, not Daley's. Who's obsessed by his intentional, willfull, wanton ignorance hampered by the blindness of the clothes pin on his nose to protect his senses from the steaming pile of horse shit rotting under his desk from the days of his daddy. Or has he found Hoffa Sr.?

Comment Posted By Chris Pedersen On 3.10.2009 @ 12:01


EVERYONE CLICK ON for a extensive review of the Unconstitutional Ordinance of The City of Chicago band on firearms before the US Supreme Court.


What you won't see is that THE ORDINANCE was introduced by a "Made Wiseguy" of the "Chicago Outfit" 1st Ward Alderman "Fred Rotti" of "The 26th Street Crew". Just Google for the Daley MOB faction of the 1st and 11th Wards, his Homeland Dynasty, Chicago has it all.

Comment Posted By Chris Pedersen On 29.09.2009 @ 06:41



I'm very pleased to have found your website link from AT. For some reason or another I can't log on to AT to post. I will have to create another e-mail address and password and try again. I'll figure it out.

I just wanted to praise AT for the exceptional and gifted writers on staff. You guys are great. All of you! I'm new to all this blogging,[I'm and old guy compared to you and the others]and not that Tec or writer savay, so I will do my best in posting issuses on Federal Labor Law vs the Unions[in particular the Teamsters concerning ["the donination and control by the MOB"].

As a former member[on withdrawal card]of one of the most corrupt Mobbed-Up Local Unions in CHICAGO [ the principle officer "wacked" his kid in the basement] along with the many entities of the Union structure to the top. I spent many years in the Cook County law library of the Daley center.

So much so I missed many years of the children growing up in my thirst for Justice to be made whole[ for them not myself] Haven't found it yet, but that's besides the point here and now. I got an education out of it. Somthing I want to offer to the participants here to focus on how the union members get sold out, and why. The many schemes and who controls the processes other than the MOB.

I know first hand about corruption in Chicago, including City Hall scandals [The One's training ground]where I believe I can offer substance and facts into this enviroment where the MSM including Fox News fails miserably at exposing this corruption with a bright light.That is why history repeats its self, but in Chicago it never ends.

I lived in the 11th Ward of the Daley "Irish Don" Dynasty for most of my life. This Country and the people in it haven't got a clue, Nada, O, including all those members in the Unions backing the complete unfettered idiot in the oval office, poured from the same mold of corruption.
What I have to say, I would say it to his face in no uncertain terms, the secret service, Axlerod and Raul Emmanual be damned!

The corrupt history gives anyone with a half of brain or less to see clearly if they would just open their eyes and reason with rational thoughts and expressions. As one of the old 'wiseguys' in the neighborhood taught me "Not everything is the way it seems". This is were they, the union members, lack in their wisdom, because of their dues paid non-stop brainwashing. White is white, and black is black is their thinking, but little do they know.

This is were the members of the unions backing O are fools. To believe [like they all do] that they are represented is an illusion. The unions OWN their asses, lock, stock and barrel, because the unions intentionally fail and refuse to educate them in any manner concerning their labor contractual rights for thr most part.

Particularly if the union sells them out through a backroom handshake deal in their grievance process. These members are so blind, the union thugs could steal the F'n chair with them in it and they still wouldn't get it. Many of these members are just plain F'n stupid and I feel sorry for them in part because they are blinded their ignorance and baffled by the bullsqueeze of the union thugs. The member[s] only figure it out[maybe] after their OX is the one who got goured.

I'm stuck in labor pergatory. I hate the unions now, for I know I was sold out, however my mother had breast cancer, my father was a long standing Member with his combined time. The local union's "Health & Welfare Plan" paid almost a million dollars in her treatment. Now ask yourselves, would walmart do that?

She fought the battle for years but lost the war after my father took his retirement and moved to Southwest Missouri where I LIVE NOW. Conservatism here is the norm and the only political answer. It was like getting an enema, flushing away all the poisonous thinking, the mindset one develops from the enviroment they live in.
I also contribute this cleansing to Mr. Neal Boortz [talk radio] and the Fair Tax publications of both Boortz and Congressman John Linder[R Georgia]. This is what the republican concervative movement should be hammering on, on a daily bases non-stop including every writer at AT.

Believe me, moving here was the best thing that happened to my family and I, to run like hell, fleeing the never ending Daley machine of Mobbed-Up corruption,taxes, fraud, waste and abuse for the elite on the backs of the taxpayers Obama claimed/claims he represented. SHHHHIIIIIIT! I knew wiseguys I would trust more than him any day of the week.

Obam is the biggest phony, fraud and empty suit I've ever seen crawl out of Daley's shorts with a wet chin to boot.
At this point in my life after what happen, I could care less what he thinks or what he would say after reading the above comment. I don't give a flying F on friday if it were for free. He's a punk!!!!!!!!!!!!

The factual story of what happened [I have all the records to back it up] to me and others involved is much to long to post.

I'm looking for a "writer" to assit me in writing a book. I would make it worth their time from the sales. Believe me, even some members of Congress would be forced to take notice. This may give others an opportunity to wise up and the abillity to protect themselves and their families from what happen to me and the others and change federal labor laws to 21st century litigation.

It has taken the Feds over 40 years to clean the MOB out of the teamsters union. Think Robert Kennedy and the "Hoffa Wars" and how long its been. Before YOU WERE BORN young man, and they still are not through.

I think Joe The Plummer is great, I can relate to this man completely, however with a thicker skin than most people who are afraid of the MSM. The MSM sits down when they have to WEE-WEE, getting "a thrill down their leg". As George Bush exclaimed "Bring It On"! You worthless whimps and pimps of the prostituted media, make my day!

Thinking like the disgusting MOB and their rank demented mentality I can think of a list of names of many who should get "wacked", but being a Christian I pray for forgivness and forgive those who trespassed against me, but I will "Never Forget". They will all meet their maker one day recieve what is comming to them.
JUSTICE will prevail in the end.

Well this is much too long. "I'll Be Back"
Thanks for your time and talent Sir, you guys/gals are great, keep up the fine work.

Chris Pedersen Southwest Missouri

Comment Posted By Chris Pedersen On 26.09.2009 @ 11:07

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