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Thank you for writing this. It is a great testament to the organic nature of this medium, that there are efforts to heal wounds that still ooze and ache. I think the ease at which ideas can find a comfortable space online can make introspection equally hard.

I'm sure you will see at least three types of reactions to your intramural critique from my side:
1. a dismissal that you are not a good representative and it won't change closed minds anyways.
2. the right is at war with itself - a meltdown.
3. you have seen the light, even if a little late and grudgingly.

But, you wingnuts are just as bad, and you know it!

Everyone needs to examine the partisan filter through which we see the world. If you briefly test your assumptions with common sense and awareness of an inherent bias, then crazy shit like Thursday wouldn't have happened. How did Jill Carroll's release become a partisan issue - clear assumptions were made before she ever spoke.

There are obviously many reasons why someone in her condition would make the comments she did. But one, and only one was seized up that morning - allegiance. My biased opinion? Jill Carroll was already marked a traitor by the righties before her release. But if I think about it, I can understand how some bloggers would have been swept up in the moment.

When I heard on the news that Carroll had been released, I admit I immediately thought politics - it was good news and the people on Kos were simply happy for her. That's why I went to look at Freerepublic. I expected comments suggesting the left would be bothered by the "good news." - when I saw what was being said (45 minutes before any public statement) I was shocked and shocked that I could be shocked by Freerepublic comments. It really was the darkest, most craven thread I have ever seen.

I know most republicans didn't feel that way, but actually stating so is a class act.

Comment Posted By Chris Wood On 3.04.2006 @ 10:03

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