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I feel the pull of the "Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy" theory as well, but it is worth resisting. If we subscribe to that idea, besides proving ourselves as nutty as the Sheehan-esque moonbats, we drop blinkers and faulty filters over our eyes.

Comment Posted By Christopher Whitaker On 22.04.2006 @ 18:10

I have always been worried about how easy it is to fall into the "vast conspiracy" trap. It is obvious that the Left is in love with such thinking, but I would hope that we Righties/Republicans/Conservatives/etc. would be wary of falling into that trap.

However, the kind of targeted, politically-motivated leaking that we have seen with regards to Ms. McCarthy seems to be mostly typical of lefties, in general. I do not think that it is some kind of "conspiracy." Instead, it seems that this is considered in Leftist meta-philosophy to be an acceptable way to sabotage the other side. Thus, it is acceptable for her to leak this information; it is acceptable for ex-Ambassador Wilson to lie about his role and findings in the Nigerian yellowcake scenario; it is acceptable for the MSM to publish opinion pieces that are labelled as news, and so on; because it is all in services of a "greater good," a sort of perverse Machiavellianism. Of course, there is no clear purpose for all of their maneuvering except the acquisition of power for themselves and their Leftist allies.

Comment Posted By Christopher Whitaker On 22.04.2006 @ 15:35

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