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You're being a little silly in taking what I wrote so literally. It is pretty obvious how the left views the right. The party of darwinian competition, warmongers, oppressive policing, bambi killers and other gun nuts, cross burners, wife beaters, soccer haters, repressed homosexuals,judgemental bastards, CEO's who have whistleblowers killed, crazy Cubans who lost their land in the revolution, Jews who only care about Israel, blacks who wish they were white, angry/paranoid dumb men and the stupid women who make all their babies.

Comment Posted By Chuck Bass On 12.10.2008 @ 18:42

Any Republican knows how laughable this all is, especially given the derangement on the left we've seen over the last eight years. But I think we should all understand that any anger emanating from the daddy party is going to send shivers up the spines of the mommy party. We represent authority figures. Cops, soldiers, jocks, hunters, manly men of all stripes and being the sensitive, weepy souls that they are that is scary to them. They "tolerate" Republicans just fine when they are eunuchs like David Brooks or David Gergen or estrogen overloads like Peggy Noonan but don't dare exhibit a shred of testicular fortitude or someone on the left somewhere will crack open Photoshop and fight through their tears to put little Hitlery mustaches on pics of you.

Comment Posted By Chuck Bass On 12.10.2008 @ 17:39

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