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There is no way Emanuel would have acted alone on the deal. Obama had to know what was going on, but he apparently was surprised at how much of a weasel Blago was and had to call off the deal. Obama should have known better - everybody else in the state of Illinois knows Blago's character (even the fools who voted for him in 2002 and then again, with Obama's strong endorsement, in 2006).

If Obama didn't know what Emanuel was up to, then he's a lousy administrator if he'd allow his underlings to cause his first choice, Jarrett, to be lost because of their incompetence.

Either way, Obama is a poor judge of character - as millions of people already know.

I had the displeasure of meeting Emanuel once, years ago, and it took me about two minutes to figure out that he was pond scum. Apparently Obama not only doesn't mind associating with such people, he chooses them for his staff.

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I don't think Obama dumped those groups after he thought he no longer needed them, he's merely hiding them; rest assured he'll be relying on them for vote fraud on election day. Obama isn't playing games with them, he DOES believe in socialism. He will NOT discard those goals, he will use Pelosi and Reid to further them.

A frightening "Obama Timeline" at:

An even more frightening list of "What Obama would do..." is at:

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