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Bleh. Third paragraph, "living" should be livid.

Also, I've been a Democrat for exactly one election. There weren't even any Republicans on most of the down ticket slots, and I sure as hell was not voting for McCain and Palin.

Comment Posted By Comrade John Cole On 8.09.2009 @ 13:17

Rick- you just in the past 48 hours had a post at The Next Right discussing the future of the right and the Republican party. You attended CPAC, if I remember correctly, and your blogroll is a Who's Who of the right wing blogosphere. And you are pretending I am questioning your integrity for saying you are a Republican? Please.

And I harbor no personal animus towards you whatsoever. In fact, my recent archives is littered with favorable links to you and nary a harsh word. Here's Tim. F with kind words. Here's me. I know I have linked you repeatedly, approvingly, on issues of torture. I'd link more but because of that guy with the "get a brain, morans" a couple years back, searching my site for Moran is brutal.

But here is what frustrates me to no end. No matter how often you denunciate the crazies (and if I remember correctly, you and I were both living about Schiavo), you never do anything about it, because your calculus is always that the Democrats are worse. You'll continue to support and try to rebuild a party that tortured, because Charlie Rangel might be a crook (I would argue he is a crook) or something else. There is never any big picture. You'll continue to support a party that cheers people bringing guns to town hall events and screaming socialism because some idiots had paper puppets in anti-war protests. It is maddening.

And really, Joe Klein is a liberal?


when he went to the hard-hate-Republican left

What is there to like about the Republican party right now? The party of torture, blown budgets and fiscal irresponsibility, warrantless wiretapping, cheap cynicism and contempt for science and the rule of law? What redeeming quality is there in the GOP? Just look at their behavior in the recent health care debate. You may not agree with the Democratic approach, but the Republican approach has been to forget all about the unpaid for prescription drug plan they passed that cost more than the social security unfunded liability, scream socialism and death panel, convince old people Obama wants to kill them, and then talk about fiscal responsibility while the RNC chair defends out of control medicare spending indefinitely.

What is there to like about the GOP?


In Cole’s world, the Left always is right, the Right always wrong,

What blog are you reading?

Comment Posted By Comrade John Cole On 8.09.2009 @ 13:10

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