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Chuck- bingo- it really is chump change compared to the pork in the 'stimulus' bills. Yeah, $165 million is nothing to sneeze at, but then again, these are corporate execs who 'earned' that money, while the 'stimulus' bill is simply taking money from one pocket- ours, and depositing it in the other pocket, the governments. Reading the statements by the AIG chief today, the company apparently is trying to cut losses, bolster profits, and pay the loans back, but hits isn't going to happen overnight. I'm no fan of AIG, but they are at least trying in my opinion, and While the execs probably should forego their bonuses hits year, or at least take a cut, at least they are working and 'earning' while they are trying to pay back the loan- our gov simply wants to pilfer money without doing any work (Unless you call scheming to steal bonuses and people's money through higher taxes, 'work').

I'd personally rather see the execs keep at least some of their bonuses, and be held to higher standards for performance to give them the incentive to do the absolute best they can for the company during hits downturn for their company then to see them give back a psaltery $165 million and be bitter and not work as hard as a result, but the government is eying that $165 million as though it were their last coins in the piggy bank, and they mistakenly think this 'show' of 'force' will appease the country and make it look as though they are proactively 'watching out for us' all while robbing us of hundreds of billions of dollars to fund pet projects. Insanity Squared!

Comment Posted By CottShop On 19.03.2009 @ 10:00

[[Does anyone here wonder why it was the gop was voted out of power? ]]

Nope- The American people have lost hteir sense of pride- plain and simple- We were ocne a nation of 'do it yourselfers', but have slowly but surely devolved into a nation of 'Gimme what I Deserve! Now!" We as a nation wanted our mommy, and Obama promissed to be our Mommy- paying off our debts, giving us free healthcare, making sure noone bullies us etc etc etc. This appealed to our sense of entitlement, and THAT is why the GOP lost- America wanted their mommy, and they were willing to sacrifice hteir core values in order to secure this 'security'!

The GOP is just fine, and it's my belief that America will wake up, realize they have been duped, and get back to hte basics that instilled a sense of pride and accomplishment- EVERY socialist society goes htrough this sense of entitlement, then when hte money runs out, and it becomes clear the system is broken, there is always a swing back to core values- I just hope it doesn't take too long for us to realize just how devestating such income redistribution really is, and hopefully the next GOP candidate will REALLY stress just how important self respect and self accomplishment really are! This is what was missing in the elections- a sensible voice that outlined just how devestating that selling our souls for the sake of a quick buck really is. We NEED a voice i nthe wilderness to snap us out of our 'utopian comma' and even to shame us back into reality so that WE- the people, start taking care of ourselves the way WE the people are supposed to- not with our hands outstretched hoping to pick the pockets of 'the rich', but with our faces to the wind, our hands to the plow, breaking the ground we've let go to waste once again.

Comment Posted By CottShop On 18.03.2009 @ 11:31

Yup- the bonuses are quite crappy, however, I find it at least tolerable compared to the $3.6 trillion dollar spending spree debt that Obama is about to stick us all with! "Line by Line" scrutiny? Really? Seems Obama has short term memory loss! "Transparency"? Really? Did he mean it would be 'transparent AFTER he rushes the spending spree bills through before anyone has a chance to complain about the myriad waste spending?

Did ya hear the one about the Southern Gov that wants to refuse accepting a couple of billion from the 'stimulus'? The dems are so furious that they are about to launch an all out character assassination campaign on air against the good Gov. for refusing to accept government $$. Swell huh? Great idea- let's punish those who want to actually show an odicum of fiscal responsibility with OUR $$!

Comment Posted By CottShop On 17.03.2009 @ 11:22

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