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Mr. Moran,

You nicely summarize the essence of the thinking on your side when you say:

I simply refuse to acknowledge you have any point whatsoever
lying through your teeth
a liar and a hypocrite
You’re a lying hypocrite.
lying sack of sh*t and a hypocrite

I've learned a lot about how people like you reason from this visit to your your aptly-named site.

Thank you.

Comment Posted By Country before Party On 29.11.2007 @ 15:02

Mr. Moran,

I'm beginning to understand your mentality. It's not the content of the question that matters, but rather the party of the questioner.

While we're at it, perhaps only card-carrying Party Members should be able to be in the audience, work the cameras, do the catering and do the commentary afterwards. It would be very biased if the candidates were exposed to questions from people who hadn't been properly loyalty-tested (to the Party, that is). If only we could prevent Americans who aren't Party Members from seeing the debate -- that would be the most fair of all!

No wonder the GOP is sinking so fast. Their core supporters (not to mention Justice Department appointees) view everything through a party-first lens.

P.S. Would you also like to require that all visitors to your website have their Party registration papers in order before they ask questions?

Comment Posted By Country before Party On 29.11.2007 @ 14:26

I don’t understand the premise of the complaint. Shouldn’t any American be able to ask questions, as long as they’re reasonable and factually accurate?

This whining diversion reminds me of the Bush policy of excluding non-Bush supporters from attending his speeches and the VA GOP policy of requiring a loyalty oath and vote pledge.

Has the GOP become so partisan and fragile that their candidates can’t even handle questions from people who aren’t approved Party Members?

Comment Posted By Country before Party On 29.11.2007 @ 13:51

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