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Rick, I'm beginning to see a problem here. I too support in principle the idea that the people we should be going after are the leakers. However: I think I see a pattern in these leaks, and the pattern is that, with one exception (the Verizon phone-call database business), all of the programs that have been exposed are things that required cooperation from Europe. So I'm thinking that the NYT's sources are European. That being the case, trying to prosecute the sources is pointless; European governments aren't going to prosecute them for violations of U.S. law, and they aren't going to agree to extradition.

This leaves the Administration in a quandry. If reporters are not going to be prosecuted, then Washington appears to have only three choices, none of them good: (1) Ignore the problem; keep trying to devise new programs and hope that they can do some good before they are compromised. (2) Cease cooperation with Europe. Given that there are things that still have to be done in Europe, this probably means engaging in covert ops on European soil. (3) Declare WWII-style martial law and impose censorship on the press.

Comment Posted By Cousin Dave On 28.06.2006 @ 16:26

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