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I am actually surprised and impressed with the Con-servo-sphere, that there is debate about how to handle reporting on the Obama administration. I would think that back in 2000 or 2004 there was little to no debate by the Left. However, loyal opposition is the way to go. Investigate, understand, and then report it. If it's the facts then so be it.

Obama has stepped into something that is far bigger than he realizes. Russia is gearing up for a major comeback, a toxic economic crisis, the GWOT, and a hyper-Liberal Congress that will probably become his worst nightmare. He is inevitably going to screw up, it is the Conservative bloggers' job to report that fairly and give full accounts of the truth with viable back-up.

They have to become what the media is not. When you have people like Matthew's saying they will do whatever it takes help make the Obama administration successful, it's not hard to figure out where they stand. The media is so far in the toilet they are outwardly admitting they are a propaganda machine. And since no one is going to be opening up another Conservative sided newspaper or news outlet anytime soon, the Right-sided bloggers need to pick up the slack. If you report it, they will come.

Comment Posted By CriticalThinker On 8.11.2008 @ 18:51


The first problem, as some have pointed out, is the lack of knowledge as to what Conservatism really is. We have become rhetoric grabbers; God, guns, and freedom. All worthy ideals to fight for. But where is the basic understanding of why those ideals are so strongly rooted in the Conservative movement. How many have actually read Kirk, Chambers, Hayek, or Burke? How many even know who they are?

When we look to pundits like Ruffini, Noonan, Krauthammer, etc., all brilliant in their own way, and somehow treat their opinions as "expert," we do ourselves a great disservice. I feel most of them like many, everyday Conservatives, stop at Reagan or maybe Goldwater, as far as our history is concerned. There is a whole unexplored world of history that most have not even tapped into. Understanding it would equalize the present identity crisis we are going through.

As far as the Right organizing its own netroots or even nutroots, depending on your perspective. Its already starting.

Comment Posted By CriticalThinker On 30.10.2008 @ 18:48



I hope you are wrong, but here is the reality as I see it. National Poll wise, I do believe the media will do anything to get this man elected. I think they would elect Satan if he was the right race. They want to make history because that would be le chique to them. You know conversation at the Upper East Side celebratory cocktail party and they could say they helped make it happen.

Anyways, my personal feelings aside. McCain is making gains in the national polls I do believe that, but how are those gains spread out regionally. Are they in key battle ground states that are a must win for McCain? Also will the state to state polling reflect this small surge from the national level in time for Mac to pull out a win, doubtful but possible.

I think the scenario will be this, McCain much closer in the popular vote than people expected but buried in the electoral college. The increase in popular vote is a must though. There is a small sliver that the two other prongs of the triumvirate of stupidity, Pelosi and Reid might start looking at how many people turned out against the "One" and realize that maybe there wasn't a mandate. Probably not, in their minds the vote will just represent that 45-47% of America is just racist. After all that is the catch all these days.

Comment Posted By CriticalThinker On 30.10.2008 @ 05:57

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