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I understand that Al Franken riles many on the right. He is a passionate progressive who, at this worst, ridicules his targets with pointed barbs and a professional comic's knack for handling hecklers. But please, he is no Anne Coulter. If someone can post an instance of him using the kind of bigoted, hateful, and gutter language used by Coulter, I'd like to know. Coulter may rival the left's Ted Rall (who pens some pretty over-the-top hate screeds in his cartoons), but there is nobody else on the left who rivals Coulter in the hate she espouses and the national forums she's invited to spew it in. And that's including Michael Moore.

Comment Posted By Cullen Couch On 5.03.2007 @ 14:31


So true Andrei, and I think it's because the Bush administration conflates the nation's interests with those of the Republican party. While, they may honestly believe that building a permanent Republican hegemony will be good for the country, they're kicking so many cans down the road to ensure it that reasonable people can already see the trash heap looming ahead. But Bush and his ilk are either blind to it, or could care less. Neither situation honors our history, and history will remember.

Comment Posted By Cullen Couch On 26.05.2005 @ 15:58

I have read the memos. Viewed in their best light, they are an embarrasment. As implemented, they are a public relations disaster. I'm afraid my fevered imagination has conjured up images of "stress techniques" that some narrow-minded ignoramuses might even consider "actual, physical torture." But, of course, that can't be because our President denies it and we certainly can't disagree with him.

Comment Posted By Cullen Couch On 26.05.2005 @ 15:18

Then call me a loon. I don't pick and choose which facts I use to paint the most realistic picture of the truth that I can. If you honestly believe that Bush and Rumsfeld are completely blameless, or worse, that there is no substance to any of these allegations streaming in from all quarters of the world, then nothing I say here will convince you otherwise. As I said, I gave up hoping that it ever would.

Comment Posted By Cullen Couch On 26.05.2005 @ 14:54

I've given up hoping, much less expecting, that the generic right wing nuthouse can EVER disentangle legitimate criticism of Bush policies from their blind loyalty to Bush himself. You feel the man can do no wrong, and will allow no fact to disabuse you of that certainty. Such a mindset is harmful to our country, not to mention tiresome.

Comment Posted By Cullen Couch On 26.05.2005 @ 14:46

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