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Hillary's revolting habit of adopting a Southern accent when she's in the South, or a black accent and black jargon when she is addressing blacks, is proof to me that she thinks Southerners and blacks are too stupid to realize that she's pandering to them. The blackface may have been (unintentionally) insensitive, but it certainly made a valid point.

Comment Posted By Cynthia R On 28.04.2007 @ 11:50


Stoller is a mush-brained idiot. And, Tano, we do not live in a pure democracy, we have a republic. One other thing: you are most certainly entitled to an equal voice. You are not, however, entitled to put your hand in MY pocket to get what you want. At least not yet.

I recently had a conversation with my ultraliberal brother-in-law, in which he said that the reason I object to handing over my money and responsibility for my life to the (all-beneficent)government must be that I don't trust my government. I barely resisted saying, "Well DUH!"

Instead, I pointed out to him that the reason this country became great is that Americans valued self-sufficiency and hard work and neither needed nor wanted the government as their nanny. He allowed as how these traits had indeed always been a part of the American ethos, but.......

These people are hopeless. They actually believe that the gubmint can run our lives better than we can. And if you object to the government taking your earnings and giving them to someone who doesn't work, you're a greedy, heartless elitist b*st*rd.

Comment Posted By Cynthia R On 17.04.2007 @ 14:34


I understand your need to defend your brother - I have a brother too. However, what he wrote was stupid, wrong, class-baiting and snotty, and anyone who writes publicly needs to be prepared for a torrent of disagreement, some of it, unfortunately, nasty, when he exposes his prejudices that way. He has a right to say it, but he'd better be prepared for the blowback.

I was personally outraged by his post, although I didn't post in the comments section. I'm so damned tired of the liberalspeak that declares that only the officially "oppressed" deserve consideration or sympathy, and that anyone who has money or position (which usually happens because they work their ass off) is evil. My dad worked his way through both college and medical school, and worked 18-hour days for years as a small-town GP. We had a very comfortable lifestyle and I attended an ivy-league university thanks to his ambition and hard work, and I DARE that smug little twit Terry Moran to say that I should feel guilty about it, or that I'm somehow unworthy of fair treatment at the hands of the legal establishment because of it.

He has revealed himself as an agenda-driven bigot. Period.

Comment Posted By Cynthia R On 14.04.2007 @ 15:30

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